How to Check CitiBank Credit Card Statement Online


Using a credit card is one of the ways to finance large purchases. They come with several benefits such as cashback and rewards. Some people choose to begin using a credit card from the age of 18. Others go for the same at the time of an upcoming large expense.

Keeping track of your credit transactions is certainly helpful. Citibank Bank enables you to do that. You can view as well as download the electronic version of the statement online.

How Do I Register For a Citibank Credit Card Statement?

Registration to get a credit card e-statement on your email ID is simple and hassle-free. 

Registration For Credit Card E-Statement via Internet Banking

Log in to your banking account online 

  • You first need to clock on ‘Banking’ followed by ‘Credit card’ and then ‘E-Statement’.You can now register for E-Statement and Go Green
  • Select ‘Account Number’ 
  • Then you will be able to successfully register for credit card e-statement

Registration For Credit Card E-Statement via Mobile Banking

Login to Citibank mobile app 

Then click Main Menu followed by Service Request

Select ‘Register For E-Statement’

Then your registration for credit card e-statement will be successful 

Registration For Credit Card E-Statement via Citibank Website

First, visit the bank website

Enter the details which are asked. Following details may be asked from you:  credit card number, card expiry, date of birth and mobile number and then your registration will be successful

How Do I View My Citibank Credit Card Statement?

You can use your Citibank net banking account to view your Citi bank credit card statement. You can also download and print the e-statement for the last 18 months if you have registered for an e-statement. Follow the steps given below to understand how to view your Citibank credit card statement.

Log in to your net banking account

Click on E-Statements and then your Statements online 

You can then choose a particular month and find the credit card statement 

Common Terminology Used for Credit Cards

Payment Due Date

Payment due pertains to the date before which the payment has to be made to the bank, failing which a fine is levied. 

Minimum Amount Due

A term minimum amount is a sum that is required to be paid prior to the payment due date. Paying this minimum amount helps create a fair impression of your account. A late fee might be levied if you miss paying his amount.

Total Amount Due

This is the total sum that you owe a bank after spending from your credit card. This has to be paid to the bank before the due date.

Closing Balance

The total amount remaining in your card by the end of each statement period is called the closing balance.

Transaction Summary

This is a summary record of all your spendings using the card. 

Credit Limit

A credit limit is the total sum of money extended to you by the lender. You cannot spend over and above the credit limit set by the bank. Citibank credit card provides multiple offers as per your needs.


Awareness of how to effectively use your credit card may help in avoiding any sort of penalty that would reflect badly on your credit card history. Keeping track of your expenses using a Citibank credit card statement can help you in this regard. A number of benefits offered by Citi bank credit card payments help users have a hassle-free experience.