How to Choose a Birthday Cake for the People You Love


Have you ever celebrated a birthday or been to a birthday party when there was no cake? Some would say yes, but the majority would say no. Birthday cakes are a symbol of celebration. All around the world, whether adult or child, a birthday celebration is never complete without a cake.

Over the years, celebrants have been buying their cakes from physical stores. While it may sound easy, there is always the risk of the cake losing its perfect form because of commuting. Thankfully, the internet has opened delivery options so the celebrants’ family can order their birthday cake online in Singapore. This has made it easier to ensure there is a cake for every birthday party!

Today, everyone can easily buy a cake. The accessibility of various shops and cake flavours can get overwhelming. Choosing the perfect cake can be a long process, but you know that it is worth it when you see the smiles of the people you love when they see what you have bought for them. This article will revolve around that process!


Why Does a Birthday Needs a Birthday Cake?

To engage you in the process of finding a perfect cake for the people you love, you will need to know first what makes a birthday cake an integral part of every birthday celebration. Hopefully, you will see reasons here that resonate with you!

Here are the top three reasons to always get a tasteful cake from a trustworthy birthday cake shop in Singapore:


It is a family tradition

A cake can gather an entire family. During birthday celebrations, family members call relatives to come over and celebrate the birth of their son or daughter. Before the party ends, everyone gathers to sing the celebrant a happy birthday, bringing everyone together around the table. Of course, the cake is the centrepiece of this gathering!

In your family, do you do this as well? If so, you must search in Singapore for the best cake shop that offers delivery. You do not want to be the blame when the celebrant does not want to party with the family knowing that there is no cake waiting for them. Thus, bring your family together with a good cake!

It is a symbol of love

Many would agree that the size of a cake is a symbol of love. More often than not, kids who are celebrating their birthday always want a big cake. Guests would come over and say that their parents’ love them very much because they gave them such a big cake! Hence, it has been a measure of love.

While this is somewhat true, as you grow older, a simple cake would do. It does not mean that your parents’ love you any less. It only means that you are growing, and it does not erase the fact that they still buy your cake for you to show love.

It is meant to be shared

Another great year has passed, and you want to share that with the people who have made that happen. If a person who had made the year bearable and even enjoyable for you, express your gratitude. Giving them a birthday cake represents those good moments.

A cake is always a good present to give. The ingredients are sweet and pleasant. One slice of a good cake can create an experience of contentment and satisfaction. While most people do not have a sweet tooth for cakes, they can make an exception if it is from a birthday cake shop in Singapore that they love!


Choosing a Cake: How to Do It for the People You Love?

Do you have a sibling or a parent who is celebrating their birthday soon? Were you left in charge of organising the special event? There are many preparations to do to hold a successful birthday celebration. Yet, the birthday cake is the one vital concern that everyone prioritises.

How should you choose a cake for the people you love? How will you ensure that what you will buy is the perfect cake for them? Before jumping into a vegan cake delivery in Singapore, you should consider doing some steps first.

In choosing a cake, there is a system that considers factors. To get you through them step-by-step, here is what you should do:


1. Recall the cakes they have had before

You do not want to order the same cake that they had last year. It shows that you do not pay attention to what they like or, worse, they think that you do not love them enough to buy them a good cake. What you can do to avoid sending a negative message like this is to recall the cake they had before.

You can ask other people who were present at their birthday party to remind you what the cake was. It will ensure that what you plan to get from their favourite birthday cake shop in Singapore is not the same as last year or the year before.

2. Have they told you hints before?

Now that you know what cake to avoid, think about your conversations with them. A lot has happened this year, and people discover many things about themselves as they grow older. For instance, your best friend told you about having a new favourite colour. It is a piece of essential information that you can use.

When choosing to order a birthday cake online in Singapore, there are customisation services. These are the best ones to get if you want to give your friend the perfect birthday cake. You can tell the shop to make the cake’s colour in green or white, according to the hints that you have gathered from your past conversations with your friend!

3. Consider their current obsession

Is your mum currently obsessed with making tea and/or bubble tea? The pandemic situation has allowed people to discover new obsessions. Whether it is a new K-drama show or an online dinosaur game, you can apply these obsessions with the cake you will buy for them!

Stalking their social media accounts is a good step to get an idea of what they are currently obsessing about right now. If you have discovered that they are vegan now, you should opt to get a vegan cake delivery in Singapore. Trust that they will appreciate the thought you put in the cake order. It shows that you care for what they believe in and that you support them no matter what!

4. Do they want guests to come?

Celebrations today are restricted. Inviting relatives to your home is only allowed if there are only five of them. Due to the pandemic, you also need to consider the size of the cake you will get for your parent, sibling, or partner who lives with you. You should avoid buying large cakes if they do not want guests to come. If they do, consider a medium-sized cake instead.

Cakes are not cheap. Therefore, you should ensure that everyone at the small gathering can finish it. If you are unsure whether they want a big cake or not, you should ask them directly. It will save you time choosing the right size of cake that they will appreciate.

5. If all else fails, ask them what they want

Some people are not fans of surprises. It does not mean that they are not an enjoyable person. It might only mean that they know what they want, and they want to get that. Your partner might be one of them. For their birthday, it is only appropriate that you give them the cake they want!

How will you do that? Ask them directly. There will be no guessing games with these types of people. It will be a breeze to find a Singapore cake shop that offers delivery for the birthday cake that they want. Rest assured that, on their special day, they will thank you for purchasing the cake that they wished for!

Following these steps, rest assured that you will see smiling faces at the birthday party. Nothing is more precious than seeing the person that you love to be happy with the things you buy for them. It will warm your heart. Thus, take your time processing what cake to get them and which online cake shop in Singapore to get it.


Top Tips for Choosing a Cake Shop

When it comes to cake shops, finding a reliable one can be a challenge. People have been making their way into the market. What does that mean for you? It may take some time to find a trustworthy shop that offers the sweets and dessert that you will need for the birthday party.

Fortunately, there is also a system that you can follow to ensure that the online cake shop that you find in Singapore can provide you with the perfect birthday cake for the people you love! Here are some tips to finding them:


Ask your friends

Local bakeries offer some of the best cakes in the country. Why? They use fresh, local ingredients in their cakes that make them irresistible. Of course, the people who will know these local shops are also the locals! Thus, you should ask your friends if they can recommend a local bakery where you can buy a tasty birthday cake.

Do they offer customisation services?

Not all cake shops are the same. Sure, some of them have their specialities, but how many of them offer customisation services for their cakes? If you know that your friend who is having a birthday has turned vegetarian, look for shops that offer vegan customisation cake and delivery in Singapore!

Accommodating customer service

It is painful to miss the chance to celebrate the birthday of a family member. In these trying times, you would want to stay connected with the people you love as much as possible. To do that on a special occasion, you should look for a cake shop that has accommodating customer service to allow a scheduled delivery. Rest assured that you can still express your love with a cake delivery service!

Wide variety of cake flavours

If you have a spontaneous friend who is down to trying new things, look for a shop that offers new cake flavours! Have they ever tried a melon lychee cake? If not, you should think about getting them new cake flavours that they can try. Thus, only order a birthday cake online in Singapore that is always exploring new flavours for their customers.

Reasonable pricing

As much as you want to let your loved ones know that you have immense love for them, buying a cake for them should not break your bank. What you can do to prevent that is to find a shop that has reasonable prices for their cakes.

Important note: If you think that a cake is worth the price but you cannot afford it right now, enquire about their payment options. They might offer you an instalment payment method. Hence, find shops that can match your budget!


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Celebrating birthdays never gets old, literally. Since ancient times, Greeks specifically, people have been baking honey cakes and placed candles on them to offer to their moon goddess, Artemis. This practice has survived generations, and it still exists today. Your family must have this tradition going on for years, too.

Considering this rich history, bakers have always strived to create cakes that honour this worldwide tradition. You will want to seek those types of passionate bakers. Thankfully, the bakers from Zee & Elle are among the many that ensures every individual gets the birthday cake that they deserve. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect birthday cake for the people you love celebrating their birthday, follow the steps above and choose them as your go-to online cake shop in Singapore!

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