How to Choose the Best Baker for Your Wedding Cake


Even if we can now enjoy our favourite cakes anytime, anywhere by simply buying from an online cake shop, there’s a reason why cakes are the centrepiece of almost every occasion. They’re food for celebrations and meant to be shared with friends and family, and often signify joy and new beginnings. Cakes can be used for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, weddings, and more.

 Because of how we treat cakes, we usually put a lot more effort into finding the right ones for our celebrations. It’s not just finding a tasty cake that we’ll enjoy, it’s also about finding a cake that gives meaning to our events and sends the right message. That’s why we don’t just go to any bakeshop or patisserie in Singapore to buy our cakes. We want only the best, especially for grand occasions such as a wedding.

Why do we have cakes at weddings?

Hosting a wedding? You’ve no doubt already considered the possibility of having a wedding cake at your venue. But are wedding cakes truly necessary? Well, if you’re going for a more traditional or mainstream wedding celebration, then yes, you’re going to want a wedding cake. Wedding cakes reveal a lot about the couple and are an expected part of a wedding. Most wedding planners would put a lot of emphasis on what type of wedding cake your event will have, whether it’s a simple 3 layer wedding cake or a grand 7-layer with all the work.

Having cakes at weddings is a time-honoured tradition that dates back to Ancient Rome, and is a symbol of fertility, good health, and happy times ahead. So why wouldn’t you choose the type of cake that you get very carefully?

How to choose the best shop for your wedding cake


Before you lay out the details of your wedding cake, you’ll probably want to pay attention to where you buy your cake from. Nowadays, there are dozens of places that offer cakes and similar products. Cakes are so easy to get that you can buy them online from many stores. You can even get same-day cake delivery services in Singapore from various bakeshops.

But even with so many choices, not all patisseries and cake shops in the country are well-equipped enough to handle the responsibilities of creating a wedding cake. Since your wedding is a formal, once-in-a-lifetime event, you and many other couples in your shoes also expect a wedding cake of high quality that you can serve to your guests. Most wedding cakes are custom-made and planned over weeks or even months before they are made. Understandably, a good quality wedding cake doesn’t come cheap because of these expectations.

If you want a quality wedding cake that meets your standards, you must ensure that the wedding cake baker is someone you trust to give you the best quality cake that fits your visions and ideals.

Here are a few tips for helping you find the right patisserie in Singapore for your wedding.

1) Keep your favoured wedding cake design in mind. Before you even think about going to a wedding cake baker, you should already be forming ideas about how you want your wedding cake to look. Cake bakers are like artists who have their styles, recipes, and designs, and you may favour one patisserie over another when it comes to what cake design and flavour you prefer. Why not make it easier for you to know what you’re looking for by having an idea of what you want? Scour for inspiration from existing cake designs or ask your wedding planner for assistance.

2) Consult from a variety of sources. Don’t just rely on hearsay or one good review to automatically pick your cake baker. The more places that can make a wedding or anniversary cake in Singapore that you can list down, the better. This can not only expose you to a variety of different cake styles but also find a price point that you can be comfortable with. Explore by surfing the internet for customer feedback, asking your friends and family members, or by reading magazines and other similar sources. 

3) Create a shortlist of all the bakers you like. Now that you’ve got a big list of potential wedding cake bakers to choose from, you need to narrow down your list. You should shortlist all the bakers that fit your ideal list by double-checking important criteria like price, flavouring, styles they offer, and more. Do your research on them by checking reviews online of their products and seeing their past works.

4) Reach out to them and ask them questions. While many patisseries are busy during working hours, they shouldn’t be too busy to have an open line of communication with you. If you find that your baker is hard to reach or difficult to talk to, don’t hesitate to cross them off the list. Ask important questions like pricing, booking dates, reference photos, and more. This will help you narrow down your list even further.

5) Book a consultation with a representative from the shop. Once you’ve picked out a prospective cake baker for your wedding cake, meet them in person so you can ask more comprehensive questions about their process and how you can make your dream wedding cake a reality. Remember, the cake is a big part of your celebration and you want a cake shop that is eager to work with you.

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