How to Effectively Harness Your Reach on Platforms Like ConnectPal


As we know, social media has increasingly become a part of our daily lives. From Facebook to Twitter, ConnectPal to Instagram, social media networks are here to stay.  If you’re the owner of a business or just want to promote your brand, one way to demonstrate your savviness is through the influence you have on each of these social platforms.

With 2.45 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most used social media platform, but that doesn’t mean your social outreach should stop there.  In our easy-to-follow guide, we show you how to properly use prominent social media platforms to promote your business and successfully harness its reach.

Create many social media pages

The first step to promoting your brand is to sign up for and manage several social media pages.  Yes, Facebook is a good starting point, but you should also consider your audience and who you are trying to reach.  For instance, TikTok, geared toward the younger demographic, is a social platform where users can create and upload their own videos where they lip-synch, sing, dance, or just talk. You can also browse and interact with other users’ content, which covers a wide range of topics, songs, and styles.  If your brand is geared toward the younger generation, then TikTok is worth exploring.

ConnectPal, another unique social media platform, is for any person, group, or business that has an audience or wants to grow an audience. A ConnectPal profile is like a profile page on any social network, but with a distinction, there is a charge for people to see your profile content.  Here, you can link your other social media accounts right to your ConnectPal profile, further solidifying your online presence and reaching a wider audience.

Build an Online Community

Just like you want customers to keep returning to your business, it’s also important to keep them coming back to your social media pages.  What are some useful ways to build an online community?  Encourage your followers to comment and give their opinions on your brand, local issues, or community events.  Share news pertinent to your brand and ask for your followers’ viewpoints.

By providing an online space for conversation, your social media pages could even become a valuable information hub for your followers and keep them coming back.

Post Often

The golden rule of social media is to keep your followers engaged. If you don’t maintain an active presence across all profiles, your followers are likely to choose another business or brand when searching for local products and services.

Try to keep your feed interesting with regular updates. Here are some content ideas to consider:

  • Ask questions or conduct polls to boost engagement and encourage likes
  • Post good news stories and refrain from negative ones
  • Encourage community discussions on social issues
  • Announce when new products become available
  • Promote specials
  • Drive engagement by emphasizing charity work
  • Share positive online reviews

Remember, always keep your content and posts authentic and transparent to gain trust from customers.  If you focus on providing value, the reach will soon follow and you’ll gain loyal followers who will want to spread the word about your business or brand.