How to flu proof your Houston home.

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When it comes to the flu, no one wants to get it, but many people aren’t sure about how to prevent it. While there is no guarantee that you can beat the flu bug this year, we’ve compiled 7 ways to flu proof your home:

Flu Vaccinations

Though controversial, Vaccination is one of the most reliable ways to flu proof your home. There are four types of seasonal flu vaccines and the CDC recommends anyone over the age of six months to get an annual flu shot. Consult your physician to determine which of the four types of flu shot will work perfectly for you and your family. If you have had a negative reaction to a past flu shot or you are allergic to eggs or mercury, don’t hesitate to consult your physician.

Clean and Disinfect Surfaces Frequently

Per the CDC, flu germs are spread through droplets when you cough and sneeze. These airborne droplets can land virtually anywhere in your home. The flu germs can live for as many as eight hours on a hard surface, meaning if you sneeze on the table and your child comes in contact with that table and then touches their mouth or eyes, the child can easily get infected.  It’s critical to have a regular deep cleaning routine for your home. Another way to flu proof your home is to keep disinfectant mops accessible in each room and wipe down surfaces during your leisure time,

Regularly Disinfect Toys

Another great method to flu proof your home if you have children or grandchildren in the house. Kids love to put toys in their mouth and cuddle with them. We sometimes forget that even toys that don’t “look” dirty can harbor flu germs which can be easily transmitted from child to child.

Routinely Clean Frequently Touched Items

One of the often neglected ways to flu proof your home is to routinely disinfect frequently used items. Flu germs can hide on surfaces that don’t look dirty but which are touched often by just about everyone in the house. Make it a habit to regularly disinfect items such as TV remotes, doorknobs, faucets, and game controllers, and phones.

Close the Toilet Lid before Flushing

Many experts believe the “micro spray” from flushing the toilet can move faster through the air and deposit on any surface in your bathroom. Flu proof your home by closing that lid before flushing to keep germs from contaminating your bathroom surfaces and belongings. Keep your toothbrush and other oral hygiene items in a drawer or cabinet just in case someone forgets to close the lid before flushing.

Implement Healthy Habits

To flu proof your home and stop germs from spreading to others in your family. Healthy habits to stop spreading germs include, cough or sneeze into your sleeve/elbow. Wash hands frequently, especially upon arriving home and prior to cooking food. Use hot water to wash dishes, to clean floors, and to wash laundry, especially during flu season or if someone in the house has the flu. When someone has the flu, all they want to do is cuddle up with a cozy blanket and hunker down. But that cozy blanket, comfy pajamas, and those forgotten tissues can be a breeding ground for germs. Discard those used tissues frequently. Wash blankets and pajamas often in hot water and detergent and dry on high heat to keep germs from spreading.

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