How To Import A Car Successfully


Importing a car into Australia is an easy task for someone who has experience with the process, however, if you are doing it for the first time, the amount of knowledge you have to obtain for a successful import is actually much bigger than it seems on the first glance.


Import providers will make the process easier

Find a reliable provider

Whether you are interested in foreign muscle, classic, or luxury cars, it is highly suggested to hire a provider that will take care of the most crucial steps in the importing process. Providers can help you find classic import cars for sale that are exactly what you are looking for as well, so contacting them is an even better option if you do not have your eyes set on a specific vehicle.

Apply for vehicle import approval

The first mandatory step of the importing process is to apply for vehicle import approval. You can do this by registering with the department for importing, and while you can do your application in person, today, you can do everything online. You will have to pay a small fee during your application, but your approval should not take too long, especially if you do it online, as you will receive it via e-mail.

Arrange shipping

In case you do not hire a provider to help you with importing, arranging the shipping and the steps that come next are actually quite difficult, which is why hiring someone who does trusted importing cars to Australia is highly recommended.

That is because prior to shipping, it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is steam cleaned inside and outside in order to remove anything that may put the vehicle in quarantine. Asbestos testing and removal is another thing that is necessary, and there are a couple of other things to consider before the vehicle gets onto a transport ship, which is how cars are usually transported to Australia.


Providers can ensure your vehicle is safe in transport

Customs Clearance

Naturally, once the shipping process is set in place and everything is done on the car correctly to avoid quarantine, you should also not forget to clear customs which involves paying a couple of fees such as customs duty, goods and services tax, luxury car tax if necessary, lodge import declaration and so on.

Quarantine and import conditions

It is suggested to do the things that will prevent the car from entering quarantine or that will require it to go through some kind of modifications before the shipping, which is something a lot of people tend to just rush through. The main reason is that doing these things before the car arrives to Australia is much faster, and probably cheaper.

Final Word

The importing process is talked up to be more difficult than it actually is, as all you need in order to have a successful import is good research and organization. Of course, if you hire a provider, you will not have to stress about anything when it comes to importing since they will do everything for you.