Garage doors have a lot to say about your house design. Especially a wooden garage door offers a fascinating and classy look to your home.

Wood is the most eye-catching material for garage doors and its rich colors can match and embrace any home style. If you’ve planned to install a wooden garage door or you already have one in your house and you’re wondering how to keep your garage door looking its best for a long time we’re here to advise you on the best ways to maintain them. You will just have to perform some comparatively simple, yearly maintenance steps to keep your doors looking their best.

Here’s some reason why you should keep your garage door maintained:

To make it work longer: With some regular maintenance you can save a lot of money by making your door last longer and you’ll be free from the stress of replacing it within every few years.

To make the house attractive: A luxurious, modern, and well-maintained garage door gives your house a great elegant look, and it has a beautiful way to embrace your unique house style.

To make it work better: A well taken care gateway will do its job better than the one you don’t look after and will work a hundred times better and longer.

Here’s a guide on how to keep your wooden garage maintained that will help you:


Wash your garage door yearly using a cloth with hot water and soap.

Doing this will not only enhance the beauty of your house but will also boost its curb appeal. also, a build-up of moisture and dirt can do a lot of damage like bending but cleaning your door more often can prevent it from bending, staining, and other issues.

Must wash your parking doors once a year!


Refinishing or Re-sanding is the best way to get your doors looking like you just installed them. Refinishing helps in enhancing its beauty after some harsh seasons like rain and winter.

Here’s some step that will help you in refinishing:

  • Remove the hardware: Before re-sanding or refinishing any wooden door remove all the hardware like the doorknob etc.

  • Sand the flats: Sand away the existing varnish steadily and accurately. We recommend you first using 80-grit sandpaper, then 100-grit, and finally 120-grit.

  • Clean it properly: Continue your refinishing work with a correctly clean surface. Obviously, after sanding the surface there is going to be a lot of dust and debris. So, cleaning after sanding is a must!

Repaint or Re-stain:

Repainting or Re-staining will keep your wooden door looking fascinating and will prevent it from damaging. Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with repainting your door on a regular basis.

Here are some points you should know before repainting:

  1. When you repaint your wooden garage, you will have to remove and clean any dust, peeling paint, and dirt.
  2. Sand down the door accurately.
  3. Apply an excellent quality wood filter to fill any cracks.
  4. Degrease the door with a high-quality cleansing spray and for the touchup areas use to mildew removing spray.
  5. Lift the door and let it dry suitably.
  6. Remove all the hardware such as a doorknob, handles, doorway window.
  7. Apply the paint and overlay for a smooth finish.
  8. Apply more than just one layer of paint to prevent from damaging soon.



When you maintain and take care of your wooden garage door on a regular basis you will not have to keep doing the long and hard tasks for an extended time. Check all the parts of the wooden door if they’re working properly and fully. If you see any dirt lingering on the door clean it with a cloth immediately. your garage door should open and close immediately and accurately but if you notice anything unusual try to fix it hand in hand.

If you need any more and extensive help confer a professional Santa Rosa garage door repair service.


It is a great idea to look after your wooden garage door more often and see if its parts are working fine every month.

Checking for proper lubrication and alignment as well as loose screws and hooks is a must. Garage door keeps up for loosening springs and screws and door panel replacement to alignment and lubrication is very important from a professional.

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Daily examine your door for all sorts of damages like little cracks, stains, scratches, and dents. these little damages can be repaired quickly if you pick them quickly but later, they can get tougher and hard if you let them rest for an extended time and get deeper. so, better fix them as soon as possible. If you notice any deep cracks or break just replace the panel with a new one rather than switching the whole door.