How to maintain leather bags everyday


Leather bags look very beautiful and atteractive. But if you want to make your leather bag look beautiful and durable for a long time then you should take good care of leather bags.

 Proper care of leather bags protects the leather from drying and breaking. If you are protecting your leather bag from moisture by taking regular care of it then you can protect leather bag from mildew and swell. 


  • Leather cleaner for cleaning 
  •  Best quality Leather conditioner
  •  Using Bubble wrap
  • Tissue paper for cleaning
  • Soft cotton cloth to wipe moisture
  • Suede brush for cleaning
  •  Few White chalk powder

Below are some suggestions. If you keep your bag clean by following them, then you can make your leather bags beautiful and durable for a long time. 


  • Everyday  care of leather bags 


Leather bags should be taken care of everyday. If you are taking care of your leather bag regularly then you can maintain its beauty for a long time. 


  • Keep Your Hands Clean and tidy


Leather naturally absorbs oils and other substances inside itself. If you have any substances like oil on your hands and you touch your leather bag, then you can destroy its beauty. That is why it is very important to keep your hands clean and tidy while using leather bags.


  • Use special leather cleaner


You can maintain your leather bag using leather cleaner two to three times a year. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the leather cleaner product you use. Use leather cleaner on your leather bag over a period of time and clean it carefully with a damp cloth.


  • Apply leather conditioner


Sometimes the leather in leather bags dries and cracks. If you keep moisture or conditioning your leather bags from time to time, you can prevent your leather bags from happening. You can protect your leather bag with a leather conditioner two or three times a year.


  • Do not overstuff the leather bag


Do not put your leather bag overstuff as it can change the cute shape of your leather bag. You should avoid caring a heavy item in a leather bag. Because  the leather can be pulled apart and bursts with overstuff.


  • Keep you leather bag clean and dry


To keep the leather bag for a long time, you should keep it clean and dry. If a few drops of water fall on your leather bag, you should clean it immediately, because the leather bags swell due to wetting.


  • Protect leather bags from beauty products


There are some beauty products and some hair products that damage the leather. If you are using any beauty product like cream, lotion and hair product like spray, gel then you should not keep leather bags around you. 


Stuff the leather Bag before Storing

If you want to store your leather bag then store it in a box with tissue paper or bubble wrap. If you wrap the leather bag in tissue paper or bubble wrap, it helps to maintain the shape of your leather bag.


  • You should not use a leather bags during rainy or snowy days.
  • Hair dryer or cloth dryer should not be used to dry the leather bag.
  • You should protect your leather bags from all types of acids or alcohols.

If you follow the above suggestion, then you can use your leather bag for a long time and maintain its beauty.