How to Make Money While Decluttering Your Home Before Moving

Home Improvement

While moving and relocating, the best part is that you come across various things which you might have forgotten about and are no longer useful for you. But at the same time, you don’t feel like just giving away those items to anyone because of the monetary value attached to them and thus you end up storing these things once again creating clutter at home. Also, because of these extra things you end up paying more to the moving companies because most of these companies charge according to the weight and number of belongings you intend to carry. 

What if we will tell you that you can get rid of these belongings and can make some money too?? Isn’t it exciting that how these useless things can help you make a few extra bucks that too when you need it the most? 

If you also want to do the same then holding a garage sale or auction for these items is the best way to get rid of them. Things which you don’t need any more may help someone else to survive better, thus holding an auction will always be a win-win situation for you. 

So here are few tips on how to hold an auction to make most out of it:


First of all prepare an inventory of all the items that you have in your home. Now closely scrutinize the list and prepare another inventory of the items that you no longer need. 


Once you have prepared the list of items that you don’t want to carry along while moving, price them according to the condition of the same. Also, throw away the items which are not in working condition; there is no point of keeping such items for a garage sale. 

Ask your neighbors

Before putting up the sale, talk to your neighbors if they have certain items which they want to discard. You can always hold the joint sale as more the items in the sale better will be the footfall and thus higher will be the profit. 


Take all the necessary permits from the local authorities to hold the sale, don’t plan anything without the same else you may fall into legal trouble.


Once you have done all the initial planning, advertise the sale in most an exciting way to lure the customers. You can take help of print as well as digital media to spread the word about the sale you are holding.

Welcoming environment

Make the environment safe and welcoming for the guests. They must feel the warmth; this is one of the great ways to tempt customers. Moreover, it will help to spread positive word of mouth. 

Open for negotiation

The items you have put on sale were useless for you and selling them off is one way to discard them, thus be open for negotiation while selling these items. Don’t be rigid about prices, ask for moving quotes, compare them, do negotiation and hire the most budget-friendly movers.

Now don’t hold emotional value with the unimportant items and make money while getting rid of them.