How to Organise a Virtual  or Hybrid AGM in Singapore


The pandemic has hit the world hard, especially for companies that depended on onsite attendance. Thankfully we have adapted to the need to social distance by hosting business-related events and meetings online. The existence of video live streaming has helped in creating events, like a webinar in Singapore. Even AGMs and EGMs have adapted to fit the virtual world so that coworkers working from home and onsite can still communicate with each other.

If this is your first time organising a virtual or hybrid AGM in Singapore, here is the step-by-step process to ensure a successful and productive meeting.

Step 1: Pick an online platform.

By now, everyone has experienced online platforms enough to have a preference. Pick the one you like, such as Zoom or Google Meets, and pre-register all of your attendees. Remember to protect your meeting with a password.

Step 2: Rehearse.

Thorough preparation will ensure a successful virtual AGM in Singapore. A dedicated event and technical team can help manage your meeting. Double-check your presenters’ video and audio quality, familiarise them with the online platform, and have them do a practice run of their presentation. You can host live streaming in Singapore of this practice run with an audience to receive feedback.

Step 3: Prepare a backup plan.

Technical difficulties are one of the most common issues in hosting a virtual AGM in Singapore. Make sure you can continue the AGM even if the presenter loses connection.

Step 4: Catch your attendees’ attention.

Unfortunately, a virtual AGM in Singapore means the attention of attendees may wander. You can require them to turn on their cameras to discourage distractions. You can also use videos like video live streaming to grab their attention.

Step 5: Host that meeting!

Ensure a secretary is writing down the meeting minutes, record the call so you can return to it later, and don’t forget any materials for your virtual AGM in Singapore. Good luck!

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