How To Purchase And Sell FIFA Coins Legally


The entire concept of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is centered round earning more coins which allow you to have the best players in your team. It takes lots of efforts and hard-earned coins to build your dream squad consisting of top-class players of your choice as footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, may cost over a million coins in the FIFA market.

FIFA coins are generally earned by winning matches and completing different daily objectives. But there are several other ways of increasing your coin count to boost up the game.

 Some of the most useful methods of buying and selling FIFA coins

  • Bronze pack method

Buying bronze packs is considered an effective yet low-risk investment method for earning FIFA coins. You can purchase a bronze pack having 400 coins or premium bronze pack containing 750 coins, and then by selling items at their minimum ‘buy now’ price or even at a higher price, you can make maximum profit.

Bronze player items may have high value when they are required for Squad Building Challenges. You can even keep them in store until they are needed and then earn money when the value goes up. A big amount of money can also be earned from squad fitness items and healing items. This is not a method of getting rich quickly, but if you keep following it over time, you will certainly find your profits increasing.

  • Squad building challenge


Squad building challenge, also known as SBC, is team-building exercise. These challenges are quite well-known for earning more coins. You can make additional FIFA coins from the live SBCs as well. Also completing limited-time ‘flash’ SBCs will give you easy rewards. Hence, keeping track of the SBCs will help you make more profit by gaining more coins. You can know about this in more detail from the official website.

  • FUT champions

FUT champions is called the most rewarding competition in FIFA. You need not buy gold packs or other better packs from the store if you play Squad Battles and Division Rivals. Earning FUT champions points from Division Rivals can get you the best rewards.

 Now if you take part in the FUT Champions Weekend League and compete against other online players, you can earn really big prizes depending on how many wins you have. The offered prizes include valuable FIFA coins and packs. Another benefit of qualifying for FUT champions is that you will score 400 Division Rivals points per game, regardless of your win or loss. These precious points finally allow you to earn Division Rivals rewards even if you do not play that mode.

  • Smart investment

You have to be smart with your investments. Take advantage of the seasonal promos. Be careful with the live SBCs. You should have some idea regarding which players can be of high demand in the coming days. You can invest in players who get selected in the Team of the Week.  Their value increases as their regular items temporarily vanish from packs.

A few guide rules about FIFA coins

  • Gold packs should not be bought. These packs can be earned through completing the Squad Building Challenges, daily objectives, or season tasks. You can also achieve gold packs as Division Rivals Rewards. Though making profit from by earning gold packs will take time, but it is more effective and intelligent way of investment that will ensure your profit in the long run.
  • Every player card reaches the highest value at some point of a year. Have patience and keep them in stock so that you can sell the players when their value gets maximized. This can be another way of making more FIFA coins.
  • It is the safest to buy silver or bronze packs.

How to buy FIFA coins directly?

If you want to buy FIFA coins directly, you can simply do so from the FIFA coins suppliers. is highly recommended for quickly buying your FIFA packs. Purchasing coins directly from the best coin suppliers increases your chances of getting better players. Besides, all the payment methods will be available if you choose buying FIFA coins directly and you can select anyone according to your convenience. Buying directly is a reliable service that will also get you the fastest delivery.