How To Raise Money With Popcorn


A popcorn fundraiser tends to be the best option when you are looking to raise money for your cause. Kids love it and parents love it as well. The reality is that there already is a wide range of popcorn flavors and popcorn are healthy. So, you can be sure that you’re going to attract a lot of donors to your cause.

But how can you actually raise money with popcorn?

Let’s say that you want to set up a popcorn fundraising to support your sports team. You need help for travel expenses as well as the team is in need of new uniforms. So, how can you spread the word about your popcorn fundraiser and sell more popcorn than ever?

Well, there are many things you can do. The truth is that one of the best options that you have to create a buzz around your popcorn fundraising event and get more people supporting you, you should expand your sales beyond your neighbors, family, and friends. You can definitely set up a table for sale in front of a grocery that has a lot of movement. While you need to ask permission to the owner, you will probably get it. Besides, you should make sure that you stay there for a couple of days, especially on weekends, to reach a new audience.

Even though there are already a lot of people coming to the grocery store, you should also design some signs that can help people see that you’re in there. You should consider writing some pre-see sentences on these signs so that when you reach people directly, they already know what you are doing. This will save you time as well as theirs.

Besides, time is always crucial. So, if your team is going to play a game, you can also sell popcorn to the audience attending it.

Asking The Help Of A Popcorn Fundraiser

In the old days, when you wanted to do something like this, you would need to have a popcorn machine in place or have the pre-made popcorn available to sale. Besides, you couldn’t offer a wide range of flavors either. However, when you are using a popcorn fundraiser to help you with your project, you can have all these. You can pick as many popcorn flavors as you want and your supporters will get their popcorn directly in their mail.

Instead of setting up a table for sale in front of a grocery store, you can also create an event on your own. You can then invite the school as well as the entire community to join you. You can have some music, a talents show, something specially designed for kids and families, wherever it makes more sense to you. The whole idea is to be creative and drive as many people as you can to attend your event. This way, and with the help of your popcorn fundraiser, you will be able to profit from it and hopefully, get enough money for your idea or project.

In case the popcorn fundraiser that is working with you doesn’t include any bags, you can make your own with the team’s logo on it, for example. It won’t take you a lot of time and you just need to print it. Just gather your team of sellers and volunteers to help you and deliver your delicious popcorn the best way you can. In case you prefer, you can send a personal note with each popcorn bag. Just think of it as a special thank you note that should be individual.


Ultimately, to ensure that you can raise money with popcorn, you should definitely get in touch with a good popcorn fundraiser. After all, a good popcorn fundraiser is already used to this kind of events and can help you by providing some ideas as well as with some organizations. So, you want to make sure that you select a reputable popcorn fundraiser that you know you can count on. Support is crucial especially if this is the first time you are raising money with popcorn. As a final word, get a popcorn fundraiser that offers many different flavors and that allows you to earn a good profit for each sale you make.