How to Reduce Your Internet Cost


The average person in the United States spends $64 a month on the internet. That is a significant amount of money for using the internet.

Of course, the internet today is far better than the primitive dial-up. However, when we talk about reducing monthly costs, we are by your side.

Here are five easy tips to reduce the bill you pay for using the internet.

Reduce the Speed of Your Internet

Maybe you are paying a lot of money for using the internet. You are perhaps paying for greater speed than what you may require.

Let’s say you’re spending over $60 a month on a 940 Mbps plan. However, except for security systems and smart TVs, you don’t have much internet usage.

You can probably manage with a download speed of 100 or 50 Mbps.

A simple way to find the minimum download speed you can do is to read this Mbps guide. When you know the speed you require, look for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers low prices in this Mbps range.

Speed (Mbps) Number of Users Activity
5 to 25 1 to 3 Casual browsing, emails, social media, streaming music, streaming SD video
25 to 50 1 to 5 Streaming 4K and HD video, gaming, streaming music, regular office work
50 to 100 2 to 5 Gaming, Streaming 4K video, working from home, home security
100 to 500 2 to 6 4K video streaming, gaming, home office, home security, smart home
500 to 1000 More than 10 Heavy home office usage, 4K streaming, gaming, home security, smart home

Purchase a Separate Router and Modem

Most ISPs will offer a modem for rent. They will charge you a small fee every month. However, additional equipment rental fees will be added immediately. Also, if you plan to stay connected to the internet on a long-term basis, it is more cost-effective to purchase a separate modem and router in the long run. In addition, if you decide to switch providers, you can use the router you have already purchased instead of buying a new one.

Avoid renting equipment that just offers the functionality of a modem. If you have, you will need to purchase a separate router. You will need it to connect other devices with a wired connection. At this point, it’s best to buy a separate modem router combo.

Bundle Your Television and Internet Services

People say bundles save money, so how much do you save? Bundled internet and TV will lower your bill by around $20 a month. In some cases, you may save as much as $40 every month.

When bundling, take a closer look at the additional TV or streaming services that you may still be paying for. When you are offered the same networks, channels, and shows as your bundled TV plan, then don’t sign up for such a bundle. Also, make cost comparisons of the bundle with the cost of purchasing each service individually.

Compare Prices by Shopping Around

If your contract is about to expire, or if you’re lucky enough not to have one yet, don’t be afraid to look around.

Most ISPs often offer new customers a fairly low introduction price. If you can secure a price freeze guarantee, it would be even better.

Negotiate Your Monthly Bill 

Even if you have just signed up with your internet service provider in the middle of a two-year contract, you can still look for cheaper rates that may be offered by other ISPs, like Suddenlink internet. Contact servicio al cliente de Suddenlink now to sign up for one of their internet plans.

Check what competing ISPs in your location charge for services offered by your existing ISP. You can use this information later to negotiate a low price. This is especially true if your provider does not offer the promised download speeds and performance.

Cancel Your Cell Phone Data Plan

This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you check the monthly rates of unlimited mobile internet plans, you will realize it will make sense.

Most people are unable to utilize anywhere near the “unlimited” data that cellphone carriers offer. Technically, these data plans are not unlimited as there is a significant drop in internet speed when you are close to certain data thresholds.

You can get an idea of how much data you require each month. You should switch the settings on your phone so it connects to Wi-Fi wherever such a connection is available. You can then track your data usage to see how much data you require. You can then buy a cheaper plan with limited data instead of buying an unlimited plan.

Summing Up

Some simple steps, such as reducing your download speed, buying a separate modem and router, and making a comparative purchase, can help lower your internet bill. The savings might seem insignificant every month. However, they do add up over time.