How to Use Your Free Time at Home during a Lockdown?


A country can experience a lockdown in emergencies, especially a pandemic. In a lockdown, the citizens are not supposed to move out of their houses until an emergency or access to basic needs. Movement of people are controlled by the police force and access to only daily essentials is acceptable. Other institutions are shutdown before the nation can restart with normal life. In a lockdown, people are expected to work from home, as transportation to workplace is not available.

So, if you are one of those who work from home during a lockdown, how to spend your free time? Since you cannot go out to meet people, dine at restaurants, travel to anywhere without permission of the police, certain activities are out of question. In fact, you need to find ways to keep entertained indoors. This can get frustrating after a point, as you must be used to socializing outdoors.

How to Stay Relaxed and Entertained Indoors?

Yet, you need to find out ways to keep busy and relaxed when indoors and support the country in resuming daily activities as it recovers from the emergency situation. In the below-post, we will discuss how certain games and activities will assist you in spending your free time in a productive manner.

  1. Develop a Hobby

When indoors in a lockdown, you can build a new hobby. After all, you have all the time in hand so why not use it the most to learn something new. Doing something new will provide a positive boost to your mind and keep you engaged through the day. What about learning a new dance form or to sing? What about learning to garden in your backyard? What about learning how to play rummy and other card games? The games will at least help you stay happy and assist in utilizing your free time at the maximum without inviting boredom.

  1. Get Better at that Hobby

Now developing a hobby sounds good. But things can get better if you get excellent or a pro at it. For instance, do not stick to learning only the basic steps at Salsa dance. But, go to the advanced level. Several tutorial videos are available online that will help you in the process of learning the Salsa dance. Similarly, make a rummy game download on your smartphone, and learn how to take on difficult challenges such as a cash game or tournament. Do not stick to playing only the practice games.

  1. Spend Time with the Inmates

While building a personal hobby can serve you several benefits, keep some time for your friends and family as well. You must interact with the inmates, as you are indoors. Build your bond with them. There are several ways you can do so. Try out group activities so that everyone can get involved in the sessions. Such as, play Indian rummy with the inmates. It is a group game. Share the household chores so that everyone gets to lend a helping hand. Workout inside the house with the inmates, like start with Zumba for instance.

  1. Do Things on the Internet

When under a lockdown, internet is often your best friend. You can watch web series and movies on the internet. You can spend time on social media channels and keep in touch with others even though not meet them physically. You can even play online rummy, and do not have to always depend on physical company of people for a game. Just download the rummy app, and you are good to go. Similarly, you can create a blog on the web, share your daily experience in form of writings, or simply create video blog.

  1. Cook Something Special

When spending maximum time indoors, craving for food naturally increases. People resort to relaxing activities when inside the house. Thus, trying out new types of delicacies becomes one of the best activities in such times. You can look for recipes on the internet and cook something special for the housemates. You can record the process of cooking entirely and put up the video on your social media account. After all, sharing happiness with others in a lockdown will help not just you, but others as well.

  1. Practice Meditation

To keep your mind away from stress, practice meditation. This is a great way to reconnect with yourself and the surroundings. You can also practice mindfulness, wherein you are aware of the happenings around, yet stay in a meditative state. This will help you with sleep and body energy. It will keep you positive and increase focus at tasks. If you are working from home, then meditation and mindfulness are two ways to enhance concentration at work. Just like a rummy game acts like a stress buster, meditation does the same.

  1. Find the Laughter Quotient in Life

There are changes of negative thoughts and depression affecting people during a lockdown. This is because of maximum time spent indoors, disconnecting from daily life and regular schedule. The physical interaction with the outside world also reduces. So, how to get over the blues in trying times? It is through imparting laughter in daily life, you can get yourself and your dear ones back on track. Watch funny videos on the internet. Share jokes with others. Talk about things that make you and other happy.

Keep yourself motivated that the difficult times will pass soon, and that the lockdown is necessary for the same. Play rummy online and invite others you know on the gaming platform. Find reasons to smile in everyday tasks. Do not get into problematic conversations with your loved ones. Rather care for their needs and develop an understanding approach. Thank each and everyone for their contributions in this difficult time, and happiness will surely come your way.

To Conclude

A lockdown wherein people are asked to stay indoors for good number of weeks and months is surely difficult to deal with. However, in times of an emergency, it is necessary that you support your nation. You must maintain the lockdown norms and so that the country can get over the difficult event. During this time, you can stay inside and yet remain happy by performing activities and playing games. Follow the above-given tips and spend your free time the in the best way possible.