Important Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Bathroom Mirror

Home Improvement

A mirror is a staple to any bathroom. It helps you get ready in the morning, enhances the room’s beauty, andbrings the whole bathroom design together. But choosing this basic bathroom accessory can become complex with numerous factors. Before buying a bathroom mirror, consider the following factors to ensure that you make the right choice:

Bathroom Size and Available Space

Mirrors are known to transform spaces in which they can make areas appear larger than they are. Plan out what purpose your mirror is supposed to fulfill in your bathroom design. For instance, large or wide will create the illusion of more space. At the same time, smaller ones allow more room for other decorative elements. 

Additionally, it is critical to measure the intended space for the mirror to prevent incorrect purchases. Even the slightest size difference in the mirror can greatly influence the bathroom’s overall look. Make sure your mirror complements other items in your bathroom instead of interfering with them by measuring the available space before purchasing.


Choose a mirror appropriate to your bathroom design. Framed mirrors have a sleek and stylish look that provides a more decorative look. In contrast, unframed mirrors are modern-looking and minimalist in design. On top of that, consider the other elements that will accompany your mirrors, such as wall hangings, lighting, and cabinets. 

Regarding shape and size, your choice should also depend on your bathroom’s theme. You might opt for an oval shape if you’re trying to create a rustic, country feel. On the other hand, rectangular or square mirrors may be more suitable if you’re going for a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Additional Features

Modern mirrors have become more advanced in terms of features. The basic bathroom accessory can be improved using LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and other additional features. LED lights and built-in speakers are great ways to enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of the room, taking your bathroom design further. 

Selecting the right mirror for your bathroom can be a difficult task. For homeowners looking to install a new bathroom mirror, check out this infographic by Remer, a leading mirror company in Australia.