Indian Wedding Main Course And Dessert That’ll Be Great For A Winter Wedding


Winter is the most popular wedding season in India as almost 60-70% of the total weddings that take place in India annually are in the winter months. Winter is the time when you can include some really exotic dishes on the wedding menu as it’ll be cold and these will help the guests to remain warm and comfortable.

When deciding on the main course and the desserts that must be included in your wedding it is very important to serve the food according to the season. So, after asking many of the Best wedding caterers in Mumbai, here we have defined some things that must and mustn’t be included in the wedding catering menu when you’re getting married in winters.

Main Course

Deciding on the main course that is palatable to the guests’ taste buds is something that is essential for every wedding. Here we present you with some things that must be considered when deciding on planning a perfect buffet for your wedding.


Just one look at the chicken biryani is enough to make your mouth water? The preparations like the meatballs, rogan josh and chicken stew will very much be appreciated by the guests when served in the wedding menu along with that chicken biryani. You must steer clear of including the fish as it’ll be really tricky to eat and there will be always a chance of someone swallowing a bone. However, you can always go with some boneless fish starters.


Winter is a time when there are various fresh vegetables available in the markets. It’ll be great to add them to your wedding menu as well. You can also include the lip-smacking Punjabi dish like the SarsonKaSaag with Makke Ki Roti. It is not that you can’t experiment with the dishes that you serve on the day of your wedding. Why go with that old PalakPaneer? There are various other things that can go really well with Palak. Why not consider adding PalakCholey or PalakAalu? You can also ask the chef about his speciality when it comes to fusion recipes, and try including it in the final catering menu.


Most of the Indians are ‘sweet tooth’ and this makes it really important to add some really amazing desserts to the wedding menu that go well with the main course as well.

Indian MithaisAndHalwas

Indian desserts include some really sweet mithais(sweets) and halwas(porridge). For Indian weddings, it’ll be really great if you include some hot desserts like Jalebis and the GajarKaHalwa. The sweets like KajuKatli, Balushahi, GulabJamun and Rasgullas will be a great addition to the catering menu as well.

Western Desserts

Some western desserts like the cupcakes and the pastries are also a great addition to the desserts on the wedding menu. What you can actually do to make the guests’ experience more memorable at your wedding is, you can set up some live counters where a chef prepares the dessert for the guests in front of them and customize it to their liking and taste.

For an Indian wedding, the food served is one of the most important factors that’ll help the guests remember it. The proper quality and taste of food are enough to make your wedding an instant hit so make sure that you taste out everything personally and then finalize on the wedding menu. It is always good to know what food your guests will be served with.

Considering the above-mentioned tips when deciding on a menu for a wedding in the winters will make sure that your wedding is served with some of the most amazing food options for the guests.