Induction Cooker vs. Gas Cooker


Looking to set up a new kitchen? The two most widely preferred choices you’ll come across for a cooker are induction cookers and gas cookers. Both the cookers have their set of pros and cons while they differ in many aspects. 

Here, we’ll enlighten you with the strong-points of both cookers along with some disadvantages that’ll let you make up your mind about any one of them.

Why use Gas cookers?


  • Power independent


Gas cookers are not dependent on electricity like induction cookers. Therefore, they’ll run without disruption even if the power goes out. As long as the gas supply is on, you can cook meals without worry.


  • Precise heat control


Gas cookers let you easily achieve the required temperature to cook a meal by adjusting the flame. As soon as you increase or lower the flame, the temperature quickly increases or decreases accordingly. 


  • Cools down quickly


Gas cookers cool down almost immediately once the flame is out. You don’t have to wait a long time for the heat to disperse off.

Why not use gas cookers?


  • Gets dirty 


The grates of a gas cooker that hold the cooking pots often get messy due to spilled food. Cleaning them also requires a good scrubbing to remove the stuck food particles. 


  • Possibly dangerous


Since gas cookers use flames, the chances of burning yourself are always there. Secondly, a leak from the cooker or gas pipe can even trigger an explosion. Gas cylinders are also prone to exploding if mishandled. 


  • Not heat efficient


When using the gas cooker, a lot of heat is dispersed around and wasted. Also, the cost of gas is considered expensive. So, you would not want it to be wasted.

Why use induction cookers


  • Faster cooking


Induction cookers cook meals much faster than gas cookers. Since the energy is directed to the cookware only, the food cooks much faster.


  • Heat efficient


Induction cookers transfer energy directly to the cookware using a magnetic field instead of converting it to heat first. As a result, there is minimal loss of heat in the process.


  • Cookertop remains cool


Since induction cookers use magnetic energy instead of heat, the cooker itself remains cool while in use. Therefore, it is safe to touch in case of children accidentally happen to touch it. Check out for a quality range of induction cookers in Sri Lanka.

Why not use induction cookers?


  • Expensive


Although induction cookers are a good value for your money, they still are expensive for some audience to buy.


  • Power dependent


Once the power runs out, induction cookers are practically useless. 


  • Required specialized cookware


Induction cookers work only with specialized cookware such as made of iron or are magnetic. Traditional pots do not work with induction cookers which mean more cost to but the new ones.


So there you have the pros and cons of both induction and gas cookers. While gas cookers are power independent, the induction cookers cook faster. Where one gets messy quickly, the other is expensive. Which one should you use is solely your choice.