Innovations in 3D Printing Coming to Your Dentist’s Office


Naturally, as time progresses, new innovations are created and designed. These innovations benefit your health, lifestyle, and well-being. One of the largest industries for innovation is right in your dentist’s office. You are about to learn some of the newest revolutions of design and development in dentistry brought to you by the invention of 3D printing.


There are some exciting and interesting new things coming out in the world of 3D printing that is about to revolutionize your dentist’s office. 3D printing will transform your dental needs insofar as productivity, exact customization, and costs are concerned. It will be a wonderful advantage in progress to have crowns, caps, dentures, bridges, and other dental fixtures made with precision. Different processes will be used in the technology to suit the patient’s needs.

Three common components and materials available to work with include resins, metals, and plastics. This improved technology will end the predicament of the dentist having to return misfit apparatus back to the old dental lab. The 3D technology is employing the use of Stereo-lithography.


Stereolithography or direct metal sintering is just one of the processes used in creating dental products. It will enable dentists to manufacture dental implants quicker and with high precision- not to mention the low cost.

Each technology is used based on its own application. For instance there is a technological process coming out called FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). It should be able to allow the dentist to create a dental apparatus at the cost of a few cents. Furthermore, there is another innovative process coming called PEEK (Polyetheretherketone). It will allow the dentist to create a partial prosthetic that is durable, comfortable and lightweight with no metals being used.

Lastly, the dental items manufactured will be more compatible in morphology, which will result in excellent dentistry. Your dentist can design and create them in their own office. Therefore, 3D Printing along with its technology is an additive that will increase your dental health and well being.