Is There a Way to Get the Most Out of Your Confinement Nanny?


Being a parent is no easy task, and that is a fact, which is why it is not for everyone.

But life is unpredictable as it is. A child has come into a person’s life without being prepared to be a parent. If you are one of those people who are not ready just yet, why not consider hiring a confinement nanny in Singapore?

Just like a maid, a confinement nanny is more than just a domestic helper. Apart from doing household chores, they are more skilled and experienced. They know how to take good care of mums who recently gave birth.

In other words, they are respectable individuals.

For new mums, they hire this kind of nanny in Singapore as an alternative. Instead of calling their mother or mother-in-law to take care of them, they opt to rely on this professional to take care of their needs after childbirth. Or also for those who do not have any mother figure in their life.

Nevertheless, hiring a confinement nanny is a good idea. They will help new mums like you recover and take care of your baby.

Well, to guarantee that would happen, you should know how to get the most out of them. Keep on reading to find out what you need to do.

How to Get The Most Out of A Confinement Nanny?


When you hire a nanny, make sure your place is free of clutter so nothing will prevent them from doing their job.

You should know that their priorities are taking care of you and your child and not your house. That is why before they come, consider asking your husband or relative to clean and organise your home a bit. That is how you establish a routine.


The person you hire is not a domestic helper. They are a caretaker and companion that will be there for you and your baby. That means they will only cook healthy meals for you, do laundry for the infant, and provide motherhood care for the baby. Therefore, do not expect to do other chores besides that.

Though to make sure you are clear about their duties, discuss the following before they start.


One way to assure safety to both you and your confinement nanny is to provide them with a list of emergency hotlines. Having this will help them act straight and not get overwhelmed by the sudden change of the situation.

·        PAYDAY.

If you hired one from a confinement agency in Singapore, you should discuss this matter with both parties: the nanny and the firm. Doing so should prevent misunderstandings, and the nanny would become more motivated to do her job well.

Just make sure to keep a reminder so you would not forget to do a bank transfer or withdraw during her payday.

·        DAY OFF.

Even though they are helping you to recover and take care of your baby, a confinement nanny also needs their rest. As stated in the law, an employer should provide at least a day off once a week.

Therefore, think about when you would allow them to take that rest day.

·        HOUSE RULES.

Every home has its own house rules. That is why before a confinement nanny starts their duty, brief them about the things they need to remember.

For example, when cooking your meal, let her know about the food you can and cannot eat because of your allergy. The same goes for your baby. If your doctor mentioned anything before you left the hospital, tell the details to the confinement nanny.

·        HER SPACE & MEAL.

If you are planning to hire a full-time confinement nanny, chances are they will have to stay with you. Therefore, you have to provide everything they need from accommodation to food they will eat.


A confinement nanny cannot do her job if your home is empty. That is why during your confinement period, make sure there are enough groceries there. The same goes for laundry. They will need some detergent suitable for babies so they could wash the clothes of your infant.

Also, before you run out of any necessities, ask your husband or relative to buy them. That way, the confinement nanny would be able to do their job smoothly, and you would be able to recover faster, too.


Similar to how you praise a child, a confinement nanny would also need that. You should know that praising someone for a job well done would motivate them to do better. Even if they are no longer there, let the confinement agency know you are satisfied with their service.


Even though they are there for you and your child, they also need time for themselves. That is why when they are done with their duties, let them rest for a while.

That kind of respect will give them more energy to do their job well later on.


Most confinement nannies are not from Singapore. Therefore, you should expect them not to speak the same language and know your culture.

But do not worry since most confinement agencies hire people who can speak English. You just have to be careful and lenient when communicating with them.

Be Smart When Dealing With a Confinement Nanny!


A confinement nanny can provide you and your family with so much help. While you are in your postpartum period, they will be your hands and feet from your needs to your baby’s.

That is why you should take time and think things through before you hire one and enjoy their nanny services in Singapore. Remember that they will be the ones taking care of your child while you are still in your recovery.

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