Leaking Water On The Floor: How To Find

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Underground leaks are complicated problems to be solved, not least because they are hardly noticed. Often it is only known that there is a leak in the floor that the pipe breaks for good.

After a steady leak, the soil can sag and break the pipe, causing a much more severe problem than the leak. Another sign that there is a leak under the floor is when the water bill gets too high. When the leak is in a sewer pipe, which is common in bathrooms, the discomfort maybe even worse since this type of pipe smell is very unpleasant.

Leaking Water On The Floor: How To Locate

There are different ways to locate water leaks on the floor; however, most need equipment. It is possible to try to find these defects at home, but it takes a lot of patience, time, and a bit of luck. The primary way to find a leak under the floor is to try to hear the difference in sound in the environment, in addition to looking for some visual cues, especially in the grout.

The leak is easy to notice on painted walls because of stains and mold; the floor ends up hiding these details. Have you ever walked somewhere where there was a floor with a slightly different sound? Similar to the noise of a musical instrument, for example? This is the sound of a “hollow” floor. This happens due to errors in the installation of the floor or due to leaks.

When there is a slab leak detection under the floor, both on the wall and the floor, the mortar used to settle it is gradually removed, and soon it is “suspended”. It is possible to notice even when walking on the floor where this defect exists.

Bearing in mind that the pipes are permanently installed in a straight line and with 90º curves in any sound installation. Therefore, you can choose a starting point, such as the bathroom register, and try to find the leak by following straight lines towards the other systems that use water.

To be sure that you are finding the right spot for the leak, use a screwdriver or a knife to scrape the grout between the floors. If it looks wet, it may be that the leak is very close.

Professional Leak Hunting

Yes, it is possible to find the leak without the help of a professional company. However, it is a complicated job, and it is not always practical. Thus, it is better to have a specialized company or best plumbing service.

With the right tools and trained professionals, leak hunting companies use methods that do not cause damage to the floors.