Learn how to run an in-school holiday gift shop


For a school that has decided to raise money, different actions can be carried out. One of them is having an in-school holiday gift shop where secret Santa shoppers can come and shop, then give to their fellow classmates.  Always start by checking School Holiday Shop.

One awesome aspect of having a school holiday shop is the fact that you are not only raising funds for that school program, you are also insulating in kids, the idea of giving. When kids become secret Santa shoppers, they tend to buy gifts for the loved ones, from their parents down to their classmates. Some skills can’t be taught in a classroom, and one of them is giving. It is easy to explain this outside the classroom by having a school holiday shop and turning four students to secret Santa shoppers.

How can you run a holiday shop in school? We have put together simple steps.

Start by signing up to get awesome incentives.

If you have decided that you want to run a school holiday shop, you should consider looking for a place where you will get whatever you intend to sell. Remember that your clientele base is kids, meaning that whatever you sell should be affordable and attractive to the eyes. When you register with us for your school holiday shop, you stand to get the best deals available.

Have Your Shop Customized.

Like earlier said, your clientele base is kids, meaning that you need to have your shop customized to attract them. Don’t go for drab decorations, if you want them coming over to buy holiday gifts for their loved ones.

You can decide to go for items that cost from twenty-five cents to less than ten dollars. Your gifts should be below five dollars if possible, for these kids to buy gifts for as many family members and friends as possible. These kids get their funds from their parents and have no other source of income. Consider the price of whatever you have decided to sell. You can consider contacting us to get intriguing gifts for below ten dollars that will allow you to sell and earn a large percentage of profit.

If you have limited space in your school, you can consider trying out this idea, called “Show and Sell.” When your liaison with a good gift company like us, we can send you some samples of gifts that can be shown to the kids. When those kids pass by, they are attracted to it and choose the gifts that they want. You can have an order of what was selected to us, and we deliver them to you, in no time. You have to be careful when running this type of shop so as not to drive the attention of the kids elsewhere.

Choose the day the school holiday gift shop starts selling.

The trick is not to start late if not the kids could go ahead and purchase from someone else. We advise that you start running preparations about the school holiday gift shop on time, long before the holiday period. What needs to be done before you can be allowed to set up a school holiday gift shop? You need to ask yourself that question. Do you need permission from the PTA? Do you need to get permission elsewhere? Start talking to those that need to be talked to, to ensure that you aren’t overworked when the time comes to open the school holiday shop. Do not wait until it is a month to the holidays before you start doing this.

Apart from that, you should consider running an ad ahead of time. Let the kids know your plans. Let them know that you intend to run a Secret Santa shopper program for them. Let them know on time so that they can start saving if the need arises. Tell them on time so that they won’t go elsewhere to make purchases.

The advert can also help to bring volunteers. Remember that you can’t do everything yourself. You need volunteers at hand to help make the process easier. You should consider requesting volunteers to jump on board. Whenever you need help, ask for it.

You need the funds for one school program or the other; you should not be scared of asking for the needed help. It is teamwork. Need advice? You can consider talking to us; we will love to hear from you.