Lenses vs Glasses: Which Will Suit You Best?


The eyesight is a window to the outside world. With the gift of vision, humanity has discovered many things, places, and inventions.  It helped the human race achieve what you have today, including modern technology, arts, literature, etc. Your eyes are a tool that will help you succeed in life. It includes simple tasks like answering an exam, walking to school, reading and interacting. All of them will need your eyes to see and gather information.

Can you imagine a life without eyesight? It would be harder for you to process things around your environment.  There are more challenges to face and experience while navigating through this world where vision is valuable than any material.

For this reason, humanity has made a solution by providing eye doctors and giving importance to eye health. Hence, the birth of eyeglasses and contact lenses. With these vision eyewear, most people with blurred vision have a chance to have clearer sight.

Now, before diving into the importance of eyeglasses and contact lenses like a transition lens in Singapore, you should know the reasons why vision is an essential part of your life.

Vision: The Importance of Eyesight in Your Life

Losing eyesight will have an impact on your life. So, if you have healthy eyes now, you should not take them for granted. It is essential to know the importance of eyesight in your life to appreciate the things you can do with them. If, for instance, you experience blurry vision, you need to look for prescription glasses or a blue lens in Singapore to support your eye health.

Some people may overlook the gift of eyesight,  and because of that, they may feel ungrateful. To avoid this, here are some reasons why eyesight is an essential part of your life.


  • Brain Coordination – Do you know that 80% of information comes from your eyes? Indeed, your eyes gather information. Science shows that the amygdala has a connection with the visual cortex. Amygdala is responsible for your emotions. With vision and amygdala, you’ll be able to know the appropriate reaction in a situation.
  • Environmental Appreciation – There are many beautiful places on this planet, from beaches, mountains, and even infrastructure or tall buildings. It would be unfortunate if you can’t witness them! Hence, you can use eyeglasses like myopia control lenses in Singapore to have a clearer vision and appreciate your surroundings.
  • Support Disabilities – If, for instance, you can’t speak or hear, you can compensate for it with your sight. On top of this, eyesight can keep you away from danger. You can see a car coming near you, a cliff, or a falling object. Hence, protect your eyes with glasses like prescription glasses in Singapore.
  • Make Life More enjoyable – Without eyesight, you wouldn’t be able to watch movies or read a book as a form of entertainment. Hence, your eyes can make your life more enjoyable because of arts and literature.
  • Eat, Drink with More Colours – Surprisingly, eyesight can make foods or drinks more tasteful. Why? Your eyes determine colour, visual appeal, and food aesthetics. With this, it will decide if the food tastes good. After all, some consider taste as a weak sense. So, if you’re a food lover, better protect your eye health with a transition lens and myopia control lenses in Singapore.

Now that you know the importance of vision in this world. It is also essential to learn which will suit your condition. So, continue reading to discover the difference between lenses and glasses.


Lenses vs Glasses: Which Suits You Best?

To begin with, choosing glasses or lenses has one goal: to have better vision. However, your lifestyle, health condition, preference, budget, and aesthetics will determine which eyewear will work the best. Plus, you can choose many lenses like a transition lens,a blue lens, and myopia control lenses. So, here are the differences between lenses and glasses.



  • The lenses will fit the curvature of your eye. It will provide a wider field of view and fewer distractions from the eyeglasses.
  • You can do more physical activities, including walking, running, sports, and other rigorous activities.
  • You can wear more styles of clothes with lenses than glasses. Since lenses look more obscure, you can style clothes the way you want.
  • Fogging is not a problem and other weather conditions.


  • Applying lenses can be difficult. However, proper techniques can help you put lenses faster.
  • It can increase the risk for dry eye syndrome and computer vision syndrome
  • Lenses need more proper maintenance
  • The risk of falling asleep with a contact lens can make your eyes dry, gritty, red and irritated.




  • It will reduce the chances of touching your eyes. If so, it will irritate your eyes because of bacteria and dirty hands.
  • More types of glasses: with different lens prescription glasses, a transition lens, a blue lens, and myopia control lenses.
  • Glasses are cheaper compared to lenses. Plus, the maintenance is less time-consuming.
  • Frames can be fashionable. For instance, you can use glasses with a transition lens while going to the beach.
  • Glasses offer protection from environmental factors: wind, dust and debris.


  • There can be a distortion in your visual.
  • Some people feel like glasses do not complement their facial features.
  • If you have strong prescription glasses, the edges of the glasses may look thick or thin. As a result, your eyes will look minified or magnified.
  • Environmental factors can affect glasses like fog during cold weather.
  • Some glasses can feel uncomfortable because of the pressure. For instance, when wearing glasses with a blue lens, it can have pressure while working in front of a computer.


A New Perspective with Better Vision

A vision is a bridge to the outside world. With your sight, you can appreciate paintings, discover places, meet new people, and learn many things. Your eyes are a valuable gift that can cost more than billions of dollars! So, take care of them with Better Vision.

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