Long reach To Success in Poker: Online Strategies


Without denying the importance of learning the basics of poker in order to reach at least an average level at the table, the truth is that there is still a long way to go before you can consider yourself a good player. In theory, you can find the different situations illustrated in the examples perfectly clear and the actions to be taken absolutely obvious, and still run into unexpected situations and fall into completely unexpected traps. The worst part is that most of the time you can’t even explain what you did wrong. But let’s explore the more common traps that less experienced players are likely to run into.

Make decisions based on instinct

More often than not people start playing poker because they think they are lucky. But luck has very little to do with poker even though there may be times when you win or lose just by chance. It is the skill that in the long run makes the player a winner of judi online. The correct way to approach poker is to study the odds of each hand as poker is essentially a mathematical game.

Paying too much attention to pre-flop

It might be the excitement of finally playing with people who know what they are doing, but playing too many hands before the flop is still a bad decision. In fact, if you stop to analyze the various pre-flop strategies you will find that 75% or more of the hands are unplayable.

Going too far in the hands

This trap is closely related to the previous one. In practice, a beginner not only plays numerous wrong hands at the wrong time, but also tends to keep betting too long in the hand. Carrying any pair all the way to the river is a big mistake, and actually not just beginners make.

Don’t manage your emotions

Nobody likes to lose, but playing poker you still have to expect to lose a certain number of hands, especially if you are learning to play. So if you lose numerous hands and start to get irritated, take a break and calm down to regain the necessary focus to make the right decisions.

Not understanding the long-term nature of poker

Don’t expect to make a lot of money in poker right away, winning this game takes a lot of time and practice. As a starting rule, you can assume that you finish a hand session with the same stack as when you entered.

Therefore, if you play consistently and correctly, the chances of winning constantly increase, also because unlike slot machines, video poker is not only games of luck but also of strategy.

These machines cannot be considered as poker as luck plays an important role but the playing skills are essential to be able not only to have fun but also to actually win.


Now that you are aware of the main difficulties you will face the first few times you sit down at the poker table, do a search for the best casinos and poker rooms on the net that offer some free chips to start with.