Look for Personal Injury Attorney who would Actually Handle your Case


In the event of you choosing a Rockford Personal Injury Attorney, you should find out the extent of his or her training. In addition, you should also inquire about the number of years the attorney has given to practicing law in the arena.

You should inquire questions such as:

  • How long have they been practicing in the personal injury arena?
  • What is the percentage of cases handled by them goes to trial?
  • Would they be handling your case personally or handing it over to an associate?

These questions would help you understand the kind of attorney you would be dealing with if you actually hire their services.

Finding an attorney who would actually be handling your case

Tuite Law lays emphasis on the importance of finding out whether your potential attorney would actually be handling your case. The lawyer you get in touch with should be the lawyer who would be representing you. A majority of lawyers would run numerous TV commercials or advertisements claiming they would be your best bet for filing a personal injury compensation claim. You should be wary of such claims, as most of the claims made by such lawyers would not be true. A majority of such lawyers may never have tried a case. They would refer your case to the real litigators and earn their commission from it.

Would the attorney be handling your case personally?

You should ensure that the attorney you speak to would be the one to handle your personal injury case.

You could log on to the website mentioned above to find the right attorney who delivers what they claim. They would ensure that the lawyer you speak with would handle your case personally before hiring them.

In the event of the lawyer not taking out time from their schedule to talk to you personally but have a secretary, an intake or a paralegal to do the talking, you would wonder the kind of attention they would give while working on your case.