Looking for the best bikes for you? Here are a few tips


If you are planning on buying a two-wheeler, you can choose between the gear and the non-gear types. While the geared ones may require a little more learning, the non-geared ones are relatively easier to learn. However, before you purchase a two-wheeler, a little research on the internet and with other sources can help you make the right choice and also help you save money. So, here are some important tips to keep in mind, when you are out searching for the best two-wheeler.

  • Budget- how much can you afford to spend?

You need to know your savings, post-tax monthly income, and monthly expenses to frame the budget to buy new upcoming bikes in IndiaMake sure to choose the best bike which well-suits your budget.

  • The body type of bike

Following are the variety of body types from which you can select the bike that matches your preference.

  • Cruisers: In this body type, your feet are placed forward and hands above the chest level, giving you an upright or slightly leaned back seating position. To be precise, these are the sofa incarnated as a motorcycle, designed for very long highway jaunts.
  • Sportbikes: In this type, the seating position is in its aggressive mood, with the leaned over riding position, where the handlebars are below the rider’s chest, elbows are kept straight and feet are tucked beneath or behind the body, making an acute angle with your thighs. These are designed for committed track rides, to make the most of you around sharp corners and fast lanes.
  • Tourer: The seating position of this type is a mixture of a cruiser and a sportbike, with a bit more erected riding position and feet placed not so far behind. They are specially designed for those looking out for comfortable long-distance rides.
  • Street bikes: The riding position of the street bike is an amalgamation of a sportbike and tourer, with a bit more erect riding position that can be more comfortable for short and slick traffic rides. These belong to the most comprehensive category, ranging from basic commuters to super-powerful beasts.
  • Dual Purpose/Dirt bikes:The dual-purpose/ dirt bikes have a riding position similar to those of standard naked street fighters, but with a slightly raised saddle height to accommodate the additional suspension travel.
  • Mileage:

One of the most important factors to check before buying any vehicle is the mileage that it provides. Mileage is the number of kilometers that the vehicle can cover with one liter of fuel. A good two-wheeler will provide you with a mileage of 35 km to 40 km on an average.

  • Weight and height of the bike:

Before choosing the two-wheeler, check if you can handle the bike or not by test riding it. The weight and height of the vehicle is an important factor for comfortable handling.

Thus, to choose the best bike, consider the above-mentioned points. You can find a variety of bikes in the new bike launch in India 2017 from where you can choose the best one for you.