Make Money Online with Elon Musk


Elon Musk has become a household name that is synonymous with multi-billion dollar projects like Tesla and SpaceX. At just 49 he has been the founder of some of the biggest brainchilds around. With his SpaceX project for example he has stated that he will build a thousand starships by 2030. He went on to say that by 2050 he would have put up to 1 million people in space.

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Elon’s dreams were first brought to the public in 2016 at a congress in Mexico. When making his speech he spoke of colonizing the nearby planet to house humans. He clearly had a plan, being the driven businessman that he is. His intention is to build cities and amenities to make life on Mars habitable for humans.


The mechanics of the plan include building 100 starships every year. He has obviously worked out the figures to meet his target of 1 million people by 2050.The figures indicate that in order for the project to work and meet the deadlines the entrepreneur has set himself, SpaceX will have to run at full capacity ushering 300 people along with 300 tons of baggage, every day for 26 months.It has been perfectly timed. The coinciding of the rotation of Earth and Mars has been taken into consideration so that this is done when the two are closest.

This is not a cheap exercise. Each flight to Mars is estimated to cost $2 million. While for the very very wealth this is doable, for the average guy on the street maybe not. Musk has thought of all the details and has mentioned that this problem will be circumvented as this will be sponsored by money generated by Tesla

The sky’s the limit they say! And SpaceX knows this to be true. This has been proven when they managed to transport astronauts to the International Space Station led by Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken. They piloted the mission and were the first Americans to do so. The launch attracted 8 million viewers. People are starting to draw a parallel between Christopher Columbus and his conquest of Earth to Elon Musk’s future adventures in space.

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