Millennials and Moissanite: A Love Story for A Moissanite Engagement Ring


In this article, we have summarized the most important questions and answers about the engagement ring for you, since “man” may have little idea of ​​rings so far and we would like to be at your side with helpful tips and ideas. With the engagement ring, you show your partner that you love her and would like to spend a lifetime with her. Therefore, the engagement ring should be chosen carefully so that it is also special.

Do I buy the rings before the engagement, or do we buy them together?

Traditionally, the engagement ring is bought by the man before the engagement. Still, if you are totally unsure which ring to choose, you can also buy the engagement ring afterwards, however, in this article, we will show you many tips on how to select the perfect engagement ring.

As a man, you don’t necessarily have to have an engagement ring, but today there are usually engagement rings for both partners because they symbolize the togetherness.

If you have already decided that the engagement rings should also be the wedding rings, then you must take your partner with you to buy. After the official engagement, you can simply choose the rings together. However, you don’t have the typical experience when you get on your knees and stretch out the box with your partner’s engagement ring, and almost every woman dreams of this romantic experience. Choosing Moissanite rings is a good option there.

Engagement ring costs: How much money do you have to plan?

Most of you have probably heard of the custom in America that the engagement ring should cost at least as much as the man’s two monthly salaries. Since in America, the engagement ring is still often worn after the wedding the simple wedding ring is then usually worn together with the engagement ring, the high price may still be justified.

In different countries, things are very different. The engagement ring is usually only worn for a few months. Therefore, one should not plunge into debt for the engagement rings if real wedding rings are bought later. If you are still a student or if you are financially tight, then you will also find beautiful friendship rings from around 80 dollars that your girlfriend will like as an alternative.

However, if you have a permanent job and it fits into your budget, then your future wife is guaranteed to get a high-quality engagement ring from around 300 dollars. Since there are no strict rules, it is of course up to you how much the engagement ring can cost.

How do I secretly find out my partner’s ring size?

To find the right ring size for your girlfriend, you have the following options:

You ask your friend’s sister or best friend if she can borrow a ring from her for a fake occasion, but she should make sure that your friend really wears this ring on her ring finger. Or you can sneak a ring out of your friend’s jewellery box if you have access to it. The Moissanite rings are also quite popular there.

How do I secretly find the right ring style for my girlfriend?

Of course, a look into the jewellery box also helps here. Are there striking rings, or are they just plain? Are most rings made of gold or silver? So you can roughly get an idea of ​​what your girlfriend likes.

You can also happen to walk by a jeweller at the shop window at a next stroll through the city – may be your girlfriend will automatically say which ring she thinks is great. You can also learn a lot about your sister or your best friend here.

What material should the engagement rings be made of?

Here, of course, the budget comes into play in addition to preferences. Materials such as gold and Moissanite are much cheaper than platinum and most of the time you don’t wear the engagement ring for so long unless you only want to get married in a few years. However, if your friend is prone to allergies, then platinum is definitely worth the money.

We can advise against the tough material tungsten for engagement rings since the material is so hard that desired changes, e.g. enlarging the ring cannot be made which would be a real shame if the engagement ring does not fit 100%.

If the engagement rings are later used as wedding rings, you should, of course, choose high-quality materials such as 750 gold, platinum or palladium. However, it is also possible to choose wood as the material for the engagement ring. Incidentally, according to this engagement ring study, most women want an engagement ring made of white gold.

Would you prefer a large or a small gem on the engagement ring?

Again, you should be smart about the woman’s preferences. Some women like it subtle; some love unusual jewellery. Is your girlfriend on glitter big stones on the rings or is she more of an athletic type small or no stones? In general, the typical engagement ring is adorned with a large diamond, because it should only be an absolute eye-catcher and it actually pleases almost every woman.

Where do I or we get the engagement rings from?

Many film scenes in which engagement is staged end up with him sliding his grandmother’s ring over her finger. But what if he is the eighth of new grandchildren and grandma has otherwise distributed or hijacked her jewellery? Is “eight of nine” merely unlucky? Nope! Of course, there are other options too. In addition to the classic heirloom, you can, of course, buy the engagement rings from a jeweller. You can also have the engagement ring made for your girlfriend according to individual wishes. So you don’t get an engagement ring off the shelf, but you can easily design it yourself with a ring configurator. Material, colour, stones, etc. can be put together yourself. In Alexander Sparks, you can find the best deal.

Are engagement rings usually engraved?

Not necessarily. But a nice “I love you” or both names would also be appropriate. The date of the engagement could also be there. Still, then the arrangement must also take place precisely on that day in the event of illness or other unforeseen changes if the engagement has to be postponed, it is rather unfavourable. Or you take the date on which you kissed for the first time, for example.

Caution: If an engraving is to decorate the engagement rings, then these are personalized and cannot be exchanged! You should, therefore, be very sure that you will receive a “yes”. As an alternative, the ring box can also be individually engraved. Just ask your jeweller if this is possible.

How do I include the delivery of the engagement ring in the marriage proposal?

There are, of course, many options for handing over the engagement ring. If the marriage proposal is asked with the typical question of all questions, then, of course, it is very classic and romantic if you get on your knees, open the ring box and then ask your girlfriend. You should make sure that the case is a beautiful and high-quality box since you also present it to your partner.

As soon as your friend says “yes”, you take the engagement ring out of the engagement ring case and put it on the ring finger of your future wife. You can also hand over the ring unusually and especially, for example by merely placing the engagement ring on your girlfriend while she is sleeping or having the engagement ring served in a champagne glass in the restaurant. There are, of course, no limits to your creativity.

Where do you wear the engagement ring?

The engagement ring is usually worn on the left side. After the wedding, you wear the wedding ring on the right. In many other countries, the opposite is the case. If one of you comes from abroad, you can, of course, decide for yourself which hand you want to wear the engagement rings on.