Morocco travel tips


Morocco is a country of both amazing landscapes and attractive cities, so if your sense of adventure involves the love of heights, you are in for a treat. Imagine setting off on a warm air balloon from Marrakech and peacefully glide over Morocco whilst enjoying the magnificent scenery.

Holiday packages to Morocco depends on whether you want to go n a full trip or discover Morocco by yourself, either way you should be capable to find cheap flights to Morocco from several low-cost airlines into Morocco from Europe. Anyway, you may also be capable to grab a best deal on one of the bigger airlines.

Alternatively, a best way to travel is to buy a train or bus ticket from Europe to Morocco. It is an affordable yet adventurous way to travel as it contains not just your train or bus ride from Europe, but also the ferry ride from Gibraltar to Morocco and then to your end place in Morocco itself.

In terms of accommodation, your top bet is to stay in Marrakech. This is not just because it will be more amazing for your family without having to travel around too much, but also because Marrakech has the biggest range of accommodation in Morocco including those who are more family-friendly and spacious.

There are best things to experience in Marrakesh on your holidays in Morocco. A fun location to be is Djemma El Fna, which is a marketplace and square in the old quarter. You and your child will be captivated by the weird and amazing entertainment such as snake chambers, dancing apes, and belly dancers.

If you favor to be in a tour group, you will be capable to find cheap family-friendly trips at any reputable Morocco travel agency. As a parent, this choice will leave you problem-free as you will not have to bargain for taxis. In the long run, tours may eventually be affordable as all gratuities and taxes are in one lump sum instead of several sums.

Ramadan is actually best time to visit Morocco. September is by far one of the most best months to come. Some hotels decrease their rates, and generally, things are less crowded with the snafu of visitors close for the full month. You may find some restaurants closed full day and opening in time for the evening meals. Drink and food are accessible during the daylight hours, including both alcoholic drinks and others.  Most items are still accessible in visitor shops.