New Beauty Clinic Options Will Surprise You


When it comes to medicine, it is constantly evolving, and new solutions to various problems are discovered every now and then. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the popular modern innovations that can help you improve your looks. Visiting a beauty clinic today offers quite a lot of options, and you will certainly be surprised what today’s surgeons can do for you.

Picosure laser treatment

While a lot of people focus on correcting some bigger issues on their body, such as changing the shape of their face, losing unwanted fat, or making themselves look younger in various ways, there are those who just want to have clear skin. When it comes to picosure laser treatment, it is a treatment which focuses on removing pigmentation errors on the skin, no matter what kind of origin they have.

If you happen to have some kind of scar, or if you have an extra concentration of melanin in a certain area, the picosure laser pigmentation in Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will definitely be able to help you out, and you will have clear skin.

One of the most popular reason to seek out this type of treatment is if you happen to have acne scars or wrinkles, as this new modern option can certainly help in removing those. When it comes to the length of the treatments, you will be required to come in a couple of times every six to eight weeks before the results tend to stick around permanently.


Before and after the laser treatment

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Another modern procedure that a lot of people have decided to take an advantage of is the non-surgical rhinoplasty. While this procedure is quite limited when compared to the classic surgical rhinoplasty, it does offer an easily solution to some cases.

Since the non-surgical rhinoplasty is done by injecting dermal fillers into special areas of the nose, you can expect this procedure to correct imperfections on the nose such as a bumpy bridge, however, it is unable to make your nose look smaller.


Taking care of your skin is quite important, and while picosure focuses on correcting the errors on the skin, ultherapy is on the other end of the spectrum where it will take care of the quality of your skin. This is a procedure that uses ultrasound in order to lift and tighten up the skin, which will give you a younger and healthier look.

Since this is a non-surgical procedure, you will not have to worry about anesthesia, cutting, or any recovery time. However, you will probably have to undergo multiple treatments of ultherapy Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne before you get the results that you are looking for.


Before and after ultherapy

Final word

There are many other modern procedures that we could talk about as these are just the tip of the iceberg, however, if you are interested to find out more possible solutions to certain issues that you might have, it is always best to visit your local beauty clinic and to consult with a surgeon.