Pearl Necklaces Can Help You Make Fashion Statement


A pearl necklace is often called a fashion statement. What is a fashion statement you ask? You know that you are making a fashion statement when you walk into a room and everyone notices the beautiful pearl necklace you are wearing.

Fashion Statement

It is that way with most everything you wear, evening clothes, jewelry, shoes – they all can make a fashion statement if they make you get noticed by what you are wearing.

How to make a fashion statement

Making a fashion statement is all about your own unique style such as:

  • Finding items of clothing that fit correctly – if it is beautiful and is the right fit it will make a fashion impression.
  • Often colours make the statement such as wearing a pearl necklace made from black pearls.
  • Make a contrast – a pearl necklace with casual wear can make a fashion statement.

What fashion statement are you

Statements of fashion can mean a variety of things. They are often a statement of liberation such as when women began wearing pants in the late 50s or early 60s. They can be a statement of your personality like vintage or odd looking clothes that show your personality. Statements of fashion can be wearing a pearl necklace no matter what else you are wearing – Barbara Bush always wore a pearl necklace – it was her fashion statement. Or Jennifer Lopez and her infamous belly dress, both examples of making a fashion statement.

Pearl necklace

There are many types of pearl necklaces, these include:

  • Colour of pearls
  • Number of strands
  • Length
  • Where the pearls were grown

More about pearls

If you want to start wearing pearls, this is iconic. Pearls are coveted for their rare nature, precious and pearls have been worn for decades and are especially well-known in the world of fashion. And perfect for making a fashion statement!