Pisces: Your Understanding for the Best Details Now


Pisces is sometimes inhibited, sometimes stimulated by intense emotional upheaval. She is an inspired, sensitive, sensual, receptive and imaginative person who aspires to affective or spiritual fusion. A thirst for the absolute animates him daily and makes him generous until the abnegation. He is however often tormented by his anxiety.

Jupiter and Neptune, your master planets make you a dreamy and very intuitive person. You are a real emotional sponge that sometimes has a hard time protecting yourself from the ambiances around you. You understand others better than anyone, which makes you a very generous person but also anxious because you absorb the emotions and anxieties of others. Your idealism and adaptability make you an elusive and bewitching being. On the heart side, you are looking for security but also absolute fusion. For the Pisces Daily Horoscope this is one essential step and you need to be specific for the same.

Corresponding body part: feet

The position of the planets exerts a great influence on our lives, only an astrologer can make your natal chart and reveal you the events to come.

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February 20 to March 20 – Pisces are among the signs of water, known for their empathy. Like their companions Cancer and Scorpio, the natives of Pisces are generally more complex than others and must consider certain mysteries of life to be truly happy.

Pisces are influenced by the planet Neptune, which governs dreams, psychic abilities, creativity and metaphysics. This gives Pisces a sharp intuitive sense as well as artistic talents. Neptune being associated with music, these natives may have received a musical gift or they may decide to adapt this music into poetry.

  • The fish symbol is associated with the religious icon and the cycle of life. The fish begins the chain of human evolution that continues with vertebrates and finally men. These natives understand this cycle in a very intuitive way and are then very kind to other people.
  • The physical weaknesses of fish can come from the feet and the immune system. In addition to protecting their feet from injury, it is very important for Pisces to strengthen their immune system since it depends on our protection against disease.

For the natives of Pisces, difficulties can arise when they become too merging with other people, which can lead to unhealthy or even permissive relationships. Even if this sign is recognized for its wisdom, it can experience many disappointments by giving its trust too quickly or too often. Finally, influenced by Neptune, Pisces can sometimes become victims, even martyrs, even voluntarily, since they draw attention to them. By learning to establish healthy boundaries, Pisces will then grow and find their place in the “real” world.