Pregnancy and the factors for You


There are 3 main factors why it can cost a woman to achieve this goal of being a mother: age and fertility problems, whether male or female.

Age is the most common factor why women don’t get pregnant

The most fertile age of a woman ranges from 21 to 27 years, but the truth is that until 29 years of age it is still considered an ideal time to get pregnant, since it is the most fertile period and the body is fully prepared for that new adventure, both physically and psychically.

It is from the age of 30 when this fertility begins to decrease gradually and, although there are also chances of getting pregnant, the process will be much slower. Already at 35-40 years the most complicated phase begins in which, naturally, the attempts may not give the desired results. If you think about the click here then the followings are essential there.

Female fertility problems and male fertility problems

Infertility, both male and female, is a problem that affects 30% of couples and that prevents achieving a pregnancy naturally. In the case of women, a hormonal study is usually done through the blood, an ultrasound and a hysterosalpingography, among other tests. For men, a seminogram is performed to analyze sperm quality, number, mobility, and shape. Although there are also other analyzes to continue investigating and find the reason for not getting pregnant. As we always say, each woman is unique and that is why it is very important to analyze each case personally.

What to do if, after these tips, I still can’t get pregnant?

Regardless of what the problem is, fertility treatments are a very good option, an opportunity to fulfill that dream. The biological clock should not be delayed, so it is advisable to go to a fertility clinic as soon as possible after several unsuccessful attempts, usually when you have been looking for pregnancy for 6 to 12 months and it has not yet arrived. For example, on a first visit to our EasyFIV fertility clinics, we do a free initial first examination to study fertility status and recommend the most appropriate assisted reproduction treatments for each case.

  • The fertility problems that usually affect men are problems with sperm concentration, low motility or poor morphology. In this case, the possible treatments would be either an IVF to the woman or an artificial insemination with a donor.
  • The fertility problems that usually affect women are endometriosis, polycystic ovary, or early menopause. Possible treatments in this case would be conjugal artificial insemination, conjugal IVF (with or without ICSI), IVF with an egg donor, mini IVF, or embryo adoption. There are also fertilizations of this type for homosexual couples of women (ROPA method).
  • When fertility problems are suffered by both members of the couple, and also the couple is in advanced age, the possible solutions would be several: an IVF with a donor of semen or with an egg donor.

No one should go through this situation and not be able to afford a solution like assisted reproduction. That is why the IVF prices of our EasyFIV clinics are designed so that any couple or single person can fulfill the dream of starting a family, with fairer prices. The average prices of IVF and other fertility treatments in Spain are much higher than what we offer you at EASYFIV, we encourage you to get to know us and be able to give you more information on how we do it.