Proper Use And Disposal Of Face Mask In Singapore


It has been mandatory not only in Singapore but many countries worldwide to wear face masks outdoors amid the deadly COVID-19 global pandemic. It is to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect the vulnerable. But if you are wearing a disposable face mask,check yourself. Are you wearing it correctly? Do you dispose of it properly?

Here are some tips for wearing and disposing of your face mask in Singapore:

1. Choose a size that fits you.

It is essential to wear a surgical mask in Singapore that fits and covers your nose and mouth properly. A loose face mask does not adequately cover your face. There may be an opening where unfiltered air may enter.

On the other hand, a tight mask can cause discomfort. People are most likely to remove their masks if they are too tight.

Remember, there are face masks for adults and children.

2. Only touch the ties of your mask

Avoid touching the cloth part of the mask when wearing or removing them. There may be remnants of the virus on the cloth. Instead, grab the ties of your disposable face mask when wearing and removing them.

3. Proper coverage

Your surgical face mask in Singapore should cover the nose, mouth, and chin the entire time. Don’t pull them down below your nose or chin. Wash your hands before and after wearing your mask.

4. Taking off the mask when eating

Although you can’t pull down your mask when speaking to someone, you can remove them when eating or drinking. To do so, remove the mask by grabbing the ties, and put it somewhere clean, such as your bag or pockets.

You can put them on after your meal. Wash or sanitise your hands after doing so.

5. Disposing of your face mask

Do not throw your used disposable face mask in the general household bin or recycle bin. Have a separate bin for face masks, dirty gloves, and other medical materials.

Don’t forget these tips when going outdoors!

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