Pros And Cons Of Professional Carpet And Rug Cleaning In Singapore


There are many reasons why people install carpets. For instance, offices install carpets for their acoustic qualities. They help mitigate the sound in the workspace. In homes, the rug is a comfortable place to sit on, play, and even lie down. When cleaning carpets, people have two options: DIY washing or rug cleaning services in Singapore.

If you are opting for professional home and office carpet cleaning services in Singapore, here are their advantages and disadvantages:

  1. ADVANTAGE: Appearance Upkeep

One of the reasons people seek carpet cleaning services is to maintain the appearance of the rug. Firstly, a dirty and grubby carpet is never attractive. If your beige carpet has turned brown or grey, it is a sign that your rug needs washing to return to its original colour.

Moreover, there are different types of carpets, including nylon, acrylic, and wool. The drawback of DIY carpets is the typical one-size-fits-all cleaning method which does not apply to certain types of carpets. For example, the cleaning method for nylon may destroy the natural curls of a wool rug, ruining its appearance.

  1. DISADVANTAGE: Expensive Upfront Cost

Just like a mattress cleaning service, the upfront cost of professional cleaning services can be high for some. In addition to upfront costs, there are also extra hidden charges for spot remover and other services. Clients must beware of these additional charges, which typically inflate the overall total for the service.

However, in the long term, you can save money from rug cleaning services in Singapore. For instance, you avoid repair and damage on your carpet and dodge hospitalisation due to dirty rugs.

  1. ADVANTAGE: Healthier

As mentioned, clean carpets can improve your health. Carpets harbour dust, pet dander, and other mites. These impurities can trigger allergies, asthma, skin irritation, and other respiratory conditions.

Regularly cleaning your carpet eliminates these allergens; therefore, reducing allergic attacks, skin irritation, and respiratory conditions.

  1. DISADVANTAGE: Time-Consuming

Similar to professional mattress cleaning, professional cleaning services are in deep cleaning. It means they may have to remove all furniture to be able to access all the corners of the rug. These can be too hassle and time-consuming for clients.

However, clients can guarantee that it will take several months again to clean the carpet compared to DIY carpet spot cleaning, which does not necessarily cover the entire rug; therefore less clean than professional work.

Before considering professional rug cleaning services in Singapore, weigh their pros and cons to determine if it is worth it.

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