Questions to Ask When Hiring a Rochester Car Accident Lawyer


Have you been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? Did you have to spend a long time in hospital, recovering, or off sick from work because of it? If this story sounds familiar, then you need a good car accident lawyer who can take care of your case and bring you the best representation that you can find.

Before you rush out and find the first car accident lawyer you find, however, let’s talk about some of the questions you ought to be asking them, before you commit.

What To Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer Before You Begin

So, what should you ask your new car accident lawyer before you agree to let them handle your case?

1 – How Many Cases Like Mine Have You Encountered?

If you didn’t already know this, there are about 100 car accidents involving a fatality every day in the USA. This means that finding a Rochester car accident lawyer when it happens to you, ought to be reasonably easy to do. Narrowing them down will be harder. This question lets you find out who does, and who doesn’t, have enough experience to get you the best deal.

2 – Will I have to Go To Court?

A lot of people let the fear of going to court to represent themselves scare them out of making a personal injury claim after a car accident. The truth is that if you or your property suffered damages at someone else’s hands then you are entitled to make a claim from them. Therefore, going to court shouldn’t scare you. Most people don’t want to go to court and a lawyer with experience knows this. A car accident lawyer fresh out of school will be more eager to go to court than you will.

3 – How Long Have You Practised Law For/What School Did You Go To?

You can also ask when they graduated. All of these variations have the same intention. You want to find out how many years’ experience they have at practising in your field of law. You want them to measure their answer against the previous ones. If they say they have handled loads of cases like yours but have only been practising for a year or two then you caught them in a lie.

4 – What Is Your Opinion on My Case Or My Options?

A good car accident lawyer will be able to rattle off an educated opinion on your case at the drop of a hat. They should already know the price range of your compensation claim and whether or not you will get the damages you are looking for. They won’t need to look anything up because they already know the answer.

5 – How Much Do I Have To Do?

As a client, you will want to know what your role is. Certain types of people like to be involved in their own case, others prefer to hand over all information and let the attorney get on with it. If you can establish this with your car accident attorney early on you will have smoother sailing throughout.