Quick Guide to the 12 Types of Safety Signs Your Workplace Needs


If you are thinking about updating the safety signs at your workplace or even being proactive and making sure that what kind of foamex signs will help in keeping your employees safe as well as keep efficiently moving things, then you are at the right place. Though the number of Foamex Board signs would be dependent upon the industry you work in, or the size of your organization, we still have a list of those basic signs, that would make sure that your workplace is much safer and that operation become much easier:

  • Directing Foot Traffic: Foamex Board signs that point people in the right direction and help them walk to a facility, in a manner an employee would, ensures safety for the visitor or the new worker who has just joined. By making sure that all door entrance and exit signs, as well as visitor walkaways, are labelled correctly, you can make sure that there is no confusion and also you can save up on precious time when it comes to helping out new employees.
  • Signage for Drivers: Just as directing foot traffic can help in easing out movement, if you label pathways for drivers as well, using 5mm Foamex you will help in creating an ease of movement. It is a fact that every person wants to go maybe want to go in the safest and quickest way possible. Having signage for drivers will help you in ensuring that traffic hassle moves smoothly.
  • PPE Signage: PPE stands for personal protective equipment — and how is this Foamex board signage relevant you ask? Well, a lot of industrial manufacturing units need PPE to make sure that all their workers are safely completing their tasks. What it does mean is that they need to wear protective gear in accordance with the work they are handling. be it wearing ear protection muffs while operating the noisy equipment or even wearing goggles when you’re dealing with substances that can get into your eye and cause harm. Thus making PPE Foamex Board signs will help in ensuring that your workers are safe.
  • Danger Sign: As the name suggests, the areas which may cause the highest amount of hazard are supposed to be Mark with a danger sign made our of 3mm or 5 mm Foamex. When doing a close inspection of your factory are if you’ll find any substances that can end up becoming a text for your employees, it is best to mark them with Foamex Board danger signs.
  • Signage for Warning: Like those signs that you will see on perfume bottles that warn you that the liquid is flammable, similarly you need warning signs to ensure that people do not end up doing something silly that has chances of becoming a hazardous situation.
  • Caution Signage: Have you seen those 5mm Foamex signs that Janitors put on the flower while mopping, to tell you that the floor is wet and hence can be slippery — that’s a great example of signage for caution — to make people aware of anything that might need to be paid attention to, so that there are no untoward incidents.
  • Signage for Notice: Foamex Board signages for notice can help in standardising any workplace rule that needs to be adhered to. It can be used for procedures like telling our staff that no food can be eaten out of the cafeteria etc.
  • Emergency Signs: Emergency signs that guide you on for any case of emergency or accident is something that is needed wherein your workplace deals with significant risks. Signages like emergency shower places or for eyewash in areas that may be dealing with any sort of tasks that might incur an accident in the aforementioned are would be needed.
  • Evacuation Signage: emergency exit signs are needed everywhere and it is best to design them in a reflective fluorescent 5 mm Foamex material, to make sure that it is visible even in cases of a power outage.
  • Prohibition Signage: For telling people the there is something that they absolutely cannot do, you need to use a prohibition sign that will tell them just that. For example, if there is cordoned are just for the staff then you can put a ‘no visitors’ prohibition sign.
  • Mandatory Signage: Like the opposite of prohibition sign, 5mm Foamex mandatory sign will let people know just exactly what to do! You can tell them how they must wear protective gear if they are entering a certain area or any such instruction that needs to be followed.
  • Fire Signage: One of the easiest signages to spot owing to the fiery red colour of its 3mm Foamex It is the best way to get the attention of a passerby in case of a fire and how they can get to the fire extinguisher and help in controlling it.

So there you have it 12 safety signs that your workplace needs – so get down to the Foamex Board printing right away.