Reasons to Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital in Brooklyn, NY  



If you want to volunteer somewhere, a children’s hospital in Brooklyn, NY can be the perfect place to do so.

Learn New Things: Volunteering at a children’s hospital in Brooklyn, NY can give you the chance to broaden your horizons and learn new things. At a hospital, you will work with people of different knowledge and different backgrounds. Volunteer work can also lead to friendships with individuals you may have not met elsewhere. Depending on the different tasks you do, you can learn about patient care, food preparation, customer service, and medicine.

Help People: One of the main reasons to volunteer at a hospital is to help other people. Since hospitals exist to improve patient’s health, anything you do at a hospital is indirectly or directly helping people and improving lives. Even if aren’t working with the patients directly, you are helping those who do. When you work under nurses or doctors, you make their jobs easier so they are able to better treat patients. It may seem trivial but just putting a smile on someone’s face can really make his or her day. A patient may be going through a rough time and a smile can be just what they need. It can be the little things that make things better.

Explore Medical Careers: When you volunteer at a hospital, you get to see an insider’s perspective. If you are considering a career in the health field, then this gives you a chance to work with medical professionals and see what the jobs are like in the real world. Even if you don’t want to go to nursing or medical school, there are other careers in the health field, such as being a dietitian, psychical therapist, or X-ray technician.

Build Your Resume: Volunteer work can build your resume. When you volunteer at a hospital, it shows dedication to the community as well as the willingness to make a time commitment. You can also have the opportunity to shadow medical professionals and see what tasks they do. This can help you if you do want to apply to medical school. Those who supervise your work can be useful if you need letters of reference or recommendations.

Benefit to the Patient: Some patients may not have a lot of friends or family to visit and it can be lonely. Hospitals patients can benefit from having someone to talk to. Those at a children’s hospital may benefit from someone playing games with them or having volunteers entertain and visit.

Some hospitals do have age limits for their volunteers and other requirements so check to see at your local children’s hospital. If you choose a volunteer position, you will enjoy then both you and the people you will work with will benefit.