Traveling has become more popular than ever, thanks to millennials, who in one way or another had come to identify their selves through their travels and their endless post on social media. People travel for different reasons; we have distinct places of interest to go to and our way of enjoying our trips in our every destination. People and technology have come a long way to let travel be part of the lives of many, and allow us to travel more comfortably and efficiently.

It’s no secret that traveling can do so much goodness in one’s self, but did you know that there are a significant amount of studies that suggest that exploring places can do wonders in your health and well being? Here are a few reasons why traveling is good for your health:

  1. Traveling helps you get away from all the stresses of your everyday life.  Experiencing something new and different from what you are doing every day helps boosts your happy hormones that take over your stress hormones. Sometimes people just need to get away from it all; to detach your mind and body off of your work, your problems, and your family life to be able to eliminate all the tension and stress you experience inside. Removing stress is good for your overall health as it can cause a lot of serious health problems including mental health problems such as depression and anxiety; and cardiovascular disease such as hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. 

Traveling and finding ways to unwind, as study finds, can improve your overall health and well being.

This could be true, of course, if you, for instance, is not putting yourself from so much stress while traveling by dealing with financial troubles, delayed flights, lost baggage, immigration problems, and so on. It is still important that you plan and organize well your travel to spare yourself from dealing with so much trouble when you’re on the road. Budgeting your money for the trip, planning your itinerary, booking your accommodations in advance, checking your flight in a flight tracker like flightstatus24 that lets you check your flight status in real-time, can help save you from any difficulty on your travel.  

Enjoy and let travel disconnect you from all the stresses of your everyday life. 

  1. Travel helps you be more physically fit and active. The best thing about being on a trip is that you’re able to get moving. Travel demands you to constantly go and walk to see and experience the sights and places you are into. 

The more movement you do and the more activity you take, the more you get your heart pumping and your blood going. Being physically active can help you manage your weight better and reduce the risk of you getting sick and acquiring heart problems. 

  1. Travel helps you boost your creativity. Many people travel to find inspiration and to get some creative ideas that will help them improve their everyday life and health. With travel, we get to experience new cultures and new things, immerse ourselves in activities that make us learn new ideas, and put ourselves out of our comfort zone that boosts our creativity by forcing ourselves into situations that we wouldn’t usually experience. We get to think outside of the box, learn from other people’s cultures, and use these new insights and methods to handle our problems in life.  

Being smart in life and continuously learning, pushes your mental state and yourself from your comfort zone, which helps you improve your mental health and your well-being.

  1. It keeps your mind sharp. When you travel, you don’t only use your body to move and be on the go, you at the same time, exercise your brain to think and learn new things. 

Traveling doesn’t only improve your memories and cognitive skills; it also gives you a lot of positive thoughts that are good for your mental state. 

  1. Traveling helps you connect more to others and yourself. Another good thing about being on the road and experiencing new cultures is that you get to meet new people. When you are in a place you are not familiar with, you are forced into situations where you need to talk to others to find help or an acquaintance that will help you go around the location. These new connections can go beyond travel. You get to find new friendships that could be for life and strengthens the one you already have. Some people even find their life partners while traveling. 

Moreover, traveling alone also allows you to find yourself. You build true connections with your inner self that you haven’t experienced before. A study has it that when you immerse yourself into different cultures, you strengthen your identity. You get to widen your perspective in life and increase your confidence.

Having a sense of connection with others and yourself can improve your mental, emotional, and physical health.

  1. Going places exposes you to different environments. When you get to new places, your body adapts to thousands of new bacteria, which helps you create stronger antibodies and improve your immune system. It doesn’t mean to say that you don’t need to practice good hygiene, but exposing yourself to some dirt on the road and some minor illnesses keep your body stronger.
  2. Traveling helps decrease the risk of heart disease. As already mentioned earlier, travel helps you get away from all the stresses that life gives you. Being able to move around and boost your happy thoughts lets you have a healthy heart and reduce the risk of you having heart disease as well. 
  3. Going places makes you a better person. It’s because when you travel, you get to be contented in life. You get to be appreciative of things you have and be grateful for it. When you are exposed to new places and you’ve got to meet new people both the fortunate and the less one, you become more emphatic, open-minded and you get to have a better understanding of the world in general. Being a better person for yourself and to others, sometimes, is all you need for a healthy and better long life.