Trees are no doubt one of the biggest blessings for mankind but no matter how beautiful and beneficial they are, sometimes they can still cause debates among homeowners. This is because some homeowners want the natural shade along with the magnificent color the trees bring as the season changes. On the other side, fallen leaves, canopies blocking views, and maintenance, are just too much to manage by many homeowners. This is where tree removal Des Moines providers are needed.

If you feel like your tree’s branches or even roots begin to grow over the property of your neighbors, it means your tree becomes a nuisance and it needs tree service in Des Moines. We all are well aware of the fact that our neighbors have the legal rights which states; we need to handle the problem by trimming or removing the overhanging branches or invasive roots. 

Now, this is the major part where counties homeowners commit mistakes. It is highly suggested and important to make sure you talk to the tree owner or the landowner before touching the tree. Actually, your neighbor has no right to cut the roots off your tree by any tree removal Des Moines service. They are only allowed to cut or trim the branches that extend over their land. 

Removing a tree that your homeowner wants to keep is different than tree-issues in the common areas. For any type of tree service in Des Moines or tree removal in Des Moines, there are factors that need to be considered. Some of these factors are:

  • The tree is causing damage
  • The tree is severely diseased
  • There is sufficient drainage around the tree
  • Does the tree get enough water?
  • Are there budget constraints?

For many issues, tree removal Des Moines may be the only solution for the tree. If it is a threat to safety and property damage, the tree needs to be removed right away.  

Some of the other major reasons that require tree service in Des Moines may include:

  • Privacy or view issues: This is a very common issue when you live in a condo and you have a neighbor living on the upper floors. The tree you may have planted on your balcony blocks the view of your neighbor on the 2nd floor. Regardless of its height, you may expect it to be removed according to the HOA, by tree removal Des Moines provider. 
  • Over planting: According to HOAs, you need to maintain the overall tree-appeal in the community. If there are over-planted trees in the wrong areas, they may get removed to improve the look of the area. 
  • Reserve issues: It is crucial to reserve for the purpose of short as well as long-term landscape planning.

If you are searching for a tree removal Des Moines company, you need to look for the one that knows the restrictions your HOA has set. For your ease, below we have gathered some of the reasons why a tree needs to be removed:

  • The tree has splitting or cracking parts
  • Lightning strikes damaged the tree 
  • High wind gusts damaged the tree
  • It has become a safety hazard
  • The tree is much old or near to die
  • It is severely infested by bugs or insects
  • The tree is diseased