Roti vs Rice: Which is more Healthier?



Rice and Chapattis are the primary food of our Indian diet. Every meal contains these two things whether you’re eating in someone’s marriage or whether you’re eating this in your own home at the night. Rice and Rotti are basic fundamentals of our Indian cuisine. 

Because of their relevance to our life, we all have this age-old question in our head – Rice or Rotti? Which is healthier? While many people prefer rice more than rotti because it digests very easily but many opt for rottis too as they are a lot moistened. 

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So if you are still confused regarding which is more convenient Rice or Roti, don’t worry we will settle this debate for you here. Let us settle this topic by comparing their nutrient values. So let us start – 

Analysis of Roti vs Rice


  • Fiber – A Chapatti contains high value of fiber as they are generally insolublethe and therefore they are much greater than the brown rice. Fiber helps to contain sugar and thereby maintain satisfaction for longer periods of time. Fiber prevents constipation and it even helps to develop favorable bacteria in your body’s intestine. Multigrain chapattis are very helpful and very good for your health. 



  • Calorie – Rice, and Roti contain the same amount of calories. It all counts upon how much you take daily and that is how it affects your body weight. So prefer the right amount of rice and roti to stay healthy. 



  • Folate – Both of the items contain folate but rice has a greater amount of folate than roti. Folate is a water-soluble vitamin B mineral; thereby it boosts in simple digestion. So if we compare the nutrition value between roti and rice, rice is better digestible in nature. 



  • Carbs –  We get energy from carbohydrates. But if you consume too many carbohydrate you will start gaining weight. So whenever you are eating rice or even roti consider that that it can even affect your health too. Rice and roti can give you carbohydrates but excess carbohydrates can even affect your health drastically. 



  • Fat – A lot of cereal contains fat. Rice and rottis also contain little fat. So you can take them without getting this guilt that you are consuming too much fat. Since both rice and roti contains fat, you should eat them in a balanced way. 



  • Phosphorus – The human body gains bone health, proper kidney procedure, muscle compression, the natural beating of our heart, and even nerve-signaling with the help of phosphorus. Roti has a way better composition of phosphorus than the rice. Furthermore, you can ear brown rice if you want a good amount of phosphorus in your body. 


So to sum up, both of them are good for our health and we should take both of them in a balanced way.