Running FOX game with entertainment



Are you interested in playing a game in a different way than now? Normally when we are playing games, we usually have to touch the screen of the Android or else we have to control it suing some buttons. But here is a game that you can play by tapping back of your Android. The game is very easy to play. Yu can tap on the back to make the movements inside the game. It is sure that this mode is helping you to have more fun. The interesting game that you can play using this nice technique is the game Fast like a Fox.

This game best suits for Android TV boxes. One of the best running Android TV game available for free. Use Google Play Store, Filelinked or Aptoide TV to install on your TV box for free. For phones can use AC Market or Aptoide.

About the game Fast like a Fox

As you know the mechanism of playing this game is different from the other games. You can choose to tap on the screen also without tapping the back. But I think it is more fun if you choose to tap on the back. 

If I talk about the storyline of the game, there is a Fox who is chasing after the treasures. These treasures were stolen from the Fox tribe. So, the Fox is in a quest of taking the stolen treasures back to the tribe. You are the one who is going to help the Fox in this quest. 

When you tap on the back you can make the Fox to run faster and faster chasing the thieves. But sometimes you have to tap on the screen also. That is to make your Fox to jump over some obstacles.

Features of Fast like a Fox

  • Along your journey there are so many obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. It is full of excitements. You can have more joy and fun while playing the game. you will not get bored for sure.
  • In your journey you have to pass through various locations including valleys, mountains, caves, subways and even cities.
  • There some coins, diamonds and emeralds that you can collect while running in the maximum speed possible. 
  • If you are a genius of playing the game you can unlock some secrete characters with super powers to win over the thieves,
  • The game is very easy to play. But you may find it bit more difficult to master the technique. Try harder and run like a Fox. A Fast Fox. 
  • Once you begin to play the game, I am sure that you will love it. So, try it now in your Android.

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