Saving Bucks on your San Antonio Vacation


San Antonio, TX, US

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Getting a Bang for your Buck when Visiting San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the biggest cities in the United States which are growing quite fast. It is famous for its stock shows and rodeos but there are a lot more attractions in the city that you must visit. Although prices are not going down soon, you should figure out how you can save up on San Antonio trip. You must be equipped with mindful planning so that you can have a bang for your buck and still have a wonderful time in the city.

“The attractions in the city will not cost you an arm and a leg as there are good ones which do not ask for admission fees.”

More than 26 million of domestic and foreign tourists flock to San Antonio every year. It might not be the best place to visit but the city certainly has beautiful tourist attractions and it offers fun activities that will keep the vacationers busy while they are in town. Below are some money-saving tips that come in handy.

  • Some hotels provide complimentary continental breakfast and coupons for certain restaurants. There are cheap eats around the town which serve Texan-Mexican cuisine such as tacos, barbecues for just a few dollars. Some attractions like Sea World allow visitors to bring food inside the premises. This will help you save as on-site restaurants tend to be expensive. Find more hotels to fit any budget on
  • Budget-friendly San Antonio attractions like the famous Sea World and Riverwalk may be practical but there are other popular landmarks that will not cost you even a penny. You can visit El Mercado or the historic Japanese Tea Garden. If you want to explore much of San Antonio, it will be best to go on a tour.
  • Renting a car may be a bit pricey including the parking fee which will cost you around $5. The public transportation means in San Antonio are diverse. Aside from planes, buses and cabs, you can choose among their tourist trolley, Bus 7, or rent a Harley Davidson motorcycle provided that you have a license.
  • Nightclubs in San Antonio ask for a cover charge but hotels sometimes give a card that will grant you free entry to the major pubs. There are certain nights when the bars offer cheap drinks. Of course, you must be at least 21 years of age to be allowed to enter the clubs.

A smart tourist knows that preparation is the key in having a good time while vacationing without spending too much.