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Should You Be Concerned About Yomovie?


Many people wonder if a decent platform allows them to download movies and web series of good quality. One can find the results for such a platform in bulk which could be confusing. Many websites allow downloading films, but there is one website that you should be aware of. Let us know more about yomovie for better clarity. 

What Is Yomovie?

what is yomovie?

Yomovie com is a platform that allows its users to download movies, web series, and shows for free. The website has been known for the quality and quantity of content it provides without charging anything to its users. It is a pirated website with films for different genres that can be downloaded and streamed on a device.

Initial Start Of Yomovie 

Yomovie online started as a website that allowed users to download top movies. Initially, the website only offered superhit movies. More movies and shows were added as they grew and spread among a broad audience. Currently, the platform is a movie downloader for any film that has been released online or leaked by any other website on the internet. 

Where is Yomovie based from?

There is no official word about where this website or the owners of this website are based from. However, yomovie mainly serves the Asian audience. It is known for releasing films online in India and Pakistan and has become one of India’s top movie downloader websites. 

Which Genres Are Available On Yomovie For Download?

Like any other movie downloader website, one might question the genres or categories of films available on the platform for streaming or downloading purposes. The website offers plenty of categorized movies that can be downloaded or streamed online with easy access. Below is a list of  a few genres the websites generally provide the film in:


1. Comedy 

2. Drama 

3. Love 

4. Thriller 

5. Horror

6. Suspense 

7. Sci-fi

8. Anime 

9. Mystery 

10. Fantasy 

11. Cartoon 

12. Dimensional videos 

Video Or Quality Formats For Movies 

It would be helpful for you to know the quality of the movies yomovie live offers. Various qualities allow you to download movies as per your preference. One can choose lower-quality films to save storage on their device or download high-quality movies if storage is not an issue. The website also offers the film to be streamed online if downloading is not your preference. 

Here is a list of the quality formats available on yomovie:

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • BlueRay
  • 4k Ultra HD
  • DVDScr
  • DVDrip

Net Worth Of Yomovie

You might be wondering how much the website makes by providing movies and shows for free. Movie downloader websites have a potential earning in decent figures. These websites are filled with advertisements by Google Ads, which allow the owners to make money. It is an approach used by many movie downloader websites to provide free content with ads. 

The estimated earning of yomovie fun is 101,413 USD. It may sound surprising, but the data is provided by WorthofWeb.com, which offers an evaluation of a website with dynamic data. Movie downloader websites like yomovie have witnessed significant earnings since many users looking to download movies direct traffic to this website. 

Does Yomovie Leak Films?

Yomovie’s website is famous for leaking widespread movies online. The website reveals the top movies online immediately after the film is released in different theaters and cinema halls. Some of the favorite web series and shows have been leaked illegally by Yomovie online. Take a glance below to know which movies have been revealed so far. 

  • Maha Samudram
  • Pushpa
  • Yuvarathnaa
  • Thellavarithe Guruvaram
  • Chaavu Kaburu
  • Kaadan
  • Master
  • Shehre
  • Shershaah
  • Koi Jaane Na
  • Shamshera
  • Gully Boy
  • Kabir Singh

Links Of Yomovie

If you want to access the website and want to download different movies for free, you can use one of the below links: 

1. yomovies. co

2. yomovies live

3. yomovies.

4. yomovies co in

5. yomovies io

6. yomovies. link

7. yomovies store

8. yomovies xyz

9. yomovies. com

10. yomovies to

11. yomovies eu

Why Does Yomovie Use Different Links?

One of the lesser-known facts to the audience is that downloading or streaming movies online from pirated websites is illegal in many countries. Many countries have prohibited the use of pirated websites that provide movies and series online by leaks. Similarly, the government pays close attention to these websites and prohibits them from the internet. 

Yomovie is a pirated movie downloader website. It uses different links or domains to keep operating even after being prohibited. These websites have significant earnings that lure the website owners into serving the websites with additional links and parts.

Would It Be Safe And Legal To Download Movies From Yomovie?

It could be highly unsafe to download movies from these websites. Movie downloader websites ask the user’s permission to access personal data. In the worst cases, these websites can collect the data and sell it online for a price. 

Many countries have prohibited the use of pirated content. It is illegal to download movies from pirated websites. These websites are unsafe, and the adware can harm your device in many ways. It would be advisable not to use these websites for your safety. 

More Information About The Yomovie App

If you want to download the yomvie app, you would be required to download the 3.0 version of the apk. The app’s file size is 3.2 MB, while the software download requirement is Android 4.0 and above. The app works in English and Hindi languages, and it has a free license for its operations. Yomovie’s application was last updated in December 2020. 

Legal Alternatives To Yomovie

Since accessing pirated content is prohibited, it would be better to use legal alternatives that offer to download and stream movies online by following the necessary copyright laws. Here are some of the legal options to yomovie that you should consider: 

1.  Netflix 

2. Amazon Prime

3. Hulu

4. Zee5

5. Hotstar 


1. Can you easily download movies from Yomovie?

Yes. The website’s user interface is relatively straightforward, and one can easily search for different films and shows. After searching, one should click on the download button that automatically starts the download. 

2. Why is it unsafe to download movies from pirated websites? 

Pirated websites are filled with ads that can potentially cause harm to your device. The data of the device can be at risk. It would be better not to use these websites to protect your data.


In a nutshell, one might find these movie downloader websites attractive, given they are completely free. However, the websites which offer free content are often considered fishy. The advertisements and the pop-ups present on these websites can cause damage to the devices. 

Since the government has banned accessing these websites, it becomes more advisable not to access them. If accessed and got caught, one might face a copyright infringement lawsuit. Users should use a VPN service whenever accessing these websites. It would help protect their privacy and secure their data to some extent.