Signs of Hoarding Disorder to Watch Out For


Clutter is typical in homes, but you can resolve it by regular cleaning. However, when there is too much junk all over the place, including those areas where it’s supposed to not be, there may be a bigger problem than simple clutter. If it starts to affect your health, life, and even your relationship with your loved ones, it could be a hoarding issue.

Hoarding is a mental problem. This kind of disorder is characterized by the difficulty of parting with or discarding things because the person thinks that they need to be saved. Someone suffering from it will feel stressed about having to eliminate these things. Here are some of the signs of hoarding.

Difficulty finding things

A person suffering from hoarding disorder will find it challenging to find things they need. It’s because random items are placed everywhere. The item that they are looking for could be anywhere inside the house. However, it’s difficult or nearly impossible to find because of the piles of things mixed together.

Not enough space to move

When you find it challenging to move around the home because junk has overtaken most of the area, it’s another sign of the said disorder. When there is not enough room to place things elsewhere, some people even go to the point of putting them on their bed or sofa.

Too many unusable things

There are things kept at home that maybe there for future use. However, when there are tons of useless things sitting there, that’s a different story. A hoarder will take home things that they will see anywhere to keep in their home. It could range from napkins used in diners or restaurants to anything that they see on the street.

Over attachment to things

Even those who are not suffering from hoarding disorder can still feel sad about having to let go of some of their things, usually because of their sentimental value, but can still let go of them. However, hoarders will feel distressed about parting with these things even when they are not of use, and will refuse to give up on them.

Strained relationships

Hoarding has caused problems among some families and friends wherein they stop coming to the hoarder’s home because it is no longer livable. Moreover, hoarders may get defensive or angry when their loved ones talk to them about the problem. It may cause confrontation that could affect their relationship.

Lack of organization

Having a lot of things in the house doesn’t necessarily make a person a hoarder. Some people manage to keep their stuff organized even when they have lots of it. A hoarder, on the other hand, lacks organization.

If you see these signs associated with someone you know, they may be suffering from hoarding disorder. A mental health specialist like a psychotherapist can help in treating this condition. When the time comes that the person decides to have their home cleaned, you can get help from a company handling junk removal in West Palm Beach for trash disposal.