Situations that make a strong case for slip and fall


Slip and fall cases in a business space is an essential and serious factor to take into consideration. Not only do a lot of people feel embarrassed, but sometimes these injuries can have a lifelong impact. Most of the employees prefer filing a case if they have suffered from slip and fall case at the workplace. Some of the common scenarios that can prove to be strong cases and help you claim monetary compensation include the following

Slip and Fall because of wet floor

Wet floor falls are one of the most common scenarios due to such injury. However, this situation can prove to be one of the strongest cases. The business space should have handrails along the stairways, walkways, and access areas to avoid falling due to the wet floor.

However, taking a picture of the location can prove to be one strong evidence. If there are no handrails, you can eventually consider safety. Hiring an Atlanta slip and fall attorney may also help you win the case.

Poorly designed showroom

Before you take up any job at a workplace, you should make sure to check the layout of the space. A poorly designed office often contains narrow isles, improper shelves, improper placement of products, and more. Such conditions may lead to serious situations and an eventual increase in the risk of accidents.

A poorly designed showroom can eventually increase the risk of accidents. These may cause a lot of injuries. If you have found yourself in such a situation, you should get in touch with a reputable lawyer to prove negligence.

Damaged flooring

A damaged flooring such as one without proper carpet, hardwood floor, or rugs can increase the risk of accidents. It is the responsibility of the company to take proper care of these items to ensure safety for employees. You may become victim to broken bones and sprained joints if you trip on such floors.