Smart reviews for the Best results


Increasing income from affiliate marketing is not complicated if you follow the tips to make money with affiliate marketing above. You just have to choose a profitable market niche, study the right products in that niche, and focus on writing content around that product or service. You have to be original, unique, and persuade the visitor about the capabilities of the product or service to solve a certain problem.

The length of the reviews, a first sign:

The length of a notice is often a good way to distinguish fraudulent action from actual testimony. The user is more confident when reading long enough reviews, whether positive or negative. Click farms are therefore trying to stick to this statistic by producing more and more long comments. That being said, please understand that the length of a review alone does not tell if it turns out to be false or not. You can Go here for more info regarding the same and understand the difference between the right reviews and the fake ones.


Language level, activity, singularity: 

If you are in doubt, focus on the language level and activity of the commentator. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors should put you on your guard, as should the misuse of superlatives, especially if the user has no other activity on the website.

As mentioned above, Internet users who read reviews on review sites tend to abandon their purchase after reading a negative review. It is therefore not uncommon for negative reviews to be written by click farms to hurt their client’s competitors. If an overwhelmingly negative comment ends up being drowned in a myriad of praise, it may be bogus content, especially if it praises a competitor’s virtues in their comment. 

Duplicate comments and instinct

It is possible to see similar or even identical comments under the product of an online store. This “doublet” effect lets you know, for sure, that this is a false opinion. Manufacturers who give us their false comments often work with structures that they automatically fill, depending on the products or companies to be valued.

Finally, your instincts should play an important role in your decision to challenge or remove a negative review. Your nose will always be the best of radars. A little twitching of the nostrils will help you sort out sincere opinions and virtual rantings. If your expert eye spots questionable practices within a text, bingo, you have surely got it right.

Two solutions: 

Armed with these few weapons to detect fake reviews on Google, you will be able to protect your “Google my business” profile and limit the effect of these on your brand image and your marketing efforts. In practice, two solutions are available to you.

The first is, simply, to request the removal of the inappropriate review from the search engine as seen above. To do this, log into your account on the Google my business platform. If you manage more than one establishment, choose the relevant company, click on “Reviews” and report the spam comment. If unfortunately it is not withdrawn, you will have to respond directly to the opinion on Google to reassure future customers.


The other solution is to use customer review management companies. The latter will take care of fake reviews on your Google page and reassure your consumers by drowning negative reviews in a multitude of positive reviews. But what positive reviews are we talking about? From those that the customer opinion management company will have collected from your satisfied customers. Morality saves for a healthy trade.