Tabbouli Salad Recipe , Lebanese Tabbouli



Lebanese salad , Tabbouli :

Tabbouli is easy Mediterranean salad of a vary finely choped vegetables ,lots of fresh parsley and bulgur wheat,all tossed with lemon juice and olive oil. The very important things about a good tabbouli salad is the very finely chopped parsley-lots of it .Parsleys hold well against the citrus in the dressing; that’s why tabbouli is even for better the next day . Some tabbouli recipes is like this one ,call for few fresh mint leaves and green onions ,while others use only parsley and red onions instead. Tabbouli likely to the tompost famed and Mediterranean/Middle Eastern salad there is .Because it’s now sold in most large super-markets around the world.

These Lebanese-Tabbouli salad is healthy and vegan Mediterranean appetizer made with bulgur ,parsley ,mint and chopped vegetables. Easy to making with just a handful of ingredients ,this fresh salad is a real treat for the taste buds.


Ingredients to make Lebanese Tabbouli:

2 batches fresh parsley

1 batch fresh mint

A very large cucumber

3 pcs Lemon

3 to 4 tablespoons olive oil

50 g wheat bulgur

Salt and pepper in the required amount


Step 1 :pour bulgur in a small bowl and add some water to cover about two centimetres on the bulgur . Wait 20 minutes for the bulgur to absorb water and double the volume .

Step 2 :Wash and dry the parsley and mint . Discard the main stems and then chop the vegetables very finely . Peel and chop the cucumber. And also chop the tomato.

Step 3:transfer the chopped vegetables into a large bowl . Take extra water of bulgur and add it to the vegetables.

Step 4 :add sour lemon juice,olive oil,salt and pepper to the salad and stir to taste . The salad is usually served with hummus and pita bread .

Key points to make Tabbouli salad :

Some places use couscous instead of bulgur.

If you like salad with a lot of bulgur soak half a cup of bulgur and one and a half cups of parsley .

This salad loses its freshness very quickly because of its many vegetables. So it is best to prepare it just before serving .

You can also use chopped onions or green onions in thus Lebanese salad .

If you plan to prepare salad one hour before serving ,chop and dry the ingredients. Make sure the parsley and mint are completely dry . Put them in a tray and place in the fridge . When serving add salt and pepper ,lemon juice and olive oil.

As you know ,many Middle Eastern cuisines like hummus have become popular in other parts of the world. Tabbouli is also of the category. only the ratio of parsley and bulgur is different in different places . But here we talked about Lebanese salad . What is the advantage of this salad ? First ,it is a kind of diet salad ,secondly it is rich in nutrients. And another positive point is that there is a lot of parsley and mint on it . We usually buy parsley and refrigerated it ,eventually we use a few leaves,and the rest will remain in the fridge a long time that we have to throw it away . This time when you buy a lot of parsley don’t worry anymore. Make a tasty and delicious salad until it is fresh and enjoy.

Like Fattoush ,Tabbouli is one of the famous Middle Eastern salads . Most common in Arab countries such as Lebanon and Syria. But it is also available in Turkey,Armenia , Cyprus and parts of Iran . Like many types of salads ,you can make thus salad in different shapes . How to make Arabic salad made in Lebanon and Syria is such a way that the amount of parsley is very high and only a small amount of bulgur is used. But the popular tabbouli salad made in Turkey has more Bulgur .

The main ingredients for this salad are parsley , mint ,wheat bulgur and tomato and sometimes cucumber, green onions and even garlic are used .

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