Tax Relief Donation: A Bigger Purpose That You Didn’t Know


Anyone has the potential to be a positive influence and bring about real change in the lives of other people. Donating money to a charity organisation in Singapore is one of them.

Vulnerable groups now have more significant medical and financial requirements. Fortunately, the government actively promotes such charity through laws that benefit everyone. Tax relief donation in Singapore allows you to exclude $2.50 from your taxable income for every $1 you spend. Donating to charity will allow you to subtract 250% from your taxable income.

Donations come in various forms, each with its tax benefits. Learn more about this here!

How Does Tax Deduction For Donation Work?

Contributions of money or property to organisations not subject to federal tax is known as tax relief donation in Singapore. You are qualified and can enjoy its benefits if you donate to an approved Institution of Public Character (IPC).

The government acknowledges IPC donations with tax receipts. Donating allows you to deduct a portion of your gift from your taxable income. The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) does not require additional paperwork from donors who contribute to IPC charities. To ensure that you’ve accounted for your income tax filing, the IPC charity will submit your information directly to IRAS.

Other than this, there will be no deductions for processing fees, so the total amount of your gift will go to the organisation you specify.

Businesses, especially smaller ones that rely on local sales, can benefit significantly from charitable contributions, which also serve as good public relations. Supporting a specific CSR program in Singapore shows that your firm is about more than making a profit and that you value the community.

What Are Types Of Contributions?


A company or an individual can help a charity organisation in Singapore in several ways. Though monetary contributions are typical, there are other ways to help.

1. Financial contributions

A gift can be fully deducted from taxes only if the giver receives no advantage in kind in return. For tax purposes, a donor can deduct only the amount by which their gift exceeds the value of any benefits they receive in exchange for contributing.

2. Traded shares

Donations of publicly listed shares or unit trust units listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) given to qualified IPCs are exempt from Singapore income tax. You should know that the authorised IPC shall establish the valuation of the donated stock or units.

3. Computer donations

Computer tax deduction for donation in Singapore no longer accepts it as a form of contribution. However, if you haven’t given them before February 21, 2017, you can claim a 250% tax credit. There are also agreements and limits to this, so make sure you visit the website of IRAS.

4. Public Art Tax Incentive Scheme (PATIS) Donations

Donations of public statues or artistic works to the National Heritage Board (NHB) or any of its approved beneficiaries are tax deductible as of April 1, 2006. However, to determine the worth of a sculpture or other given work of art, donors must apply to NHB.

5. Cultural Property

Donations to museums from individuals and corporations are tax deductible if you meet conditions such as the NHB has granted the museum “Approved Museum Status,” signifying its legitimacy as a cultural institution. You should also prove that the artefact is valuable enough to be kept in its collection.

6. Property and structures

Since April 1, 2003, as a form of tax relief donation in Singapore, donors can deduct the total value of their property or land when giving to qualified IPCs. Donors or the appointed IPC are responsible for commissioning an independent valuation of the gifted property.

The contribution amount depends on the asset’s current market value for IRAS purposes. Both businesses and individuals can take part in this giving plan.

How To Find A Worthy Charity Organisation?


1. Begin with research

You’ll find an ideal charity organisation in Singapore everywhere on the internet. Get as specific as possible after conducting a broad initial search. Furthermore, it’s also essential to review an organisation’s annual report and website.

Make sure you visit, ready everything first, and do a legit check before sending any money.

2. They must share your values

To what do you devote the most of your time and energy? Fundraising is more rewarding when done for a cause with which you have a personal connection. Finding a group with values consistent with your ideals would also be more fulfilling.

If you prefer charities that emphasise social responsibility, look for companies or platforms that promote CSR activities in Singapore.

3. Ask them about their goals

Consider inquiring about the organisation’s metrics for success and get programme data demonstrating the impact they’ve made. It is arguably the most crucial query since it shows the depths of what information they have and what they are doing.

To determine which cause is best, use all the resources at your disposal. Find out as much as possible about the various charities by digging, such as checking annual reports and using online resources.

A tax relief donation in Singapore will only become effective and worth the effort if your chosen charity prioritises its mission, vision and goals.

4. Evaluate the efficacy

The “About” section of a charity’s website is a fantastic place to learn about the organisation’s philosophy about efficiency. A charity organisation in Singapore typically includes a change philosophy that details how its initiatives can affect change.

Verify the charity’s legitimacy while you conduct your investigation or after you’ve narrowed down your options. Most charitable organisations would be pleased to show potential contributors the evidence they used to decide which programmes to fund.

5. Be wary of scam websites

Scammers likely choose which days of the week to send phishing emails, depending on when victims are most likely to check their inboxes. The first warning sign of fraud is when someone pressures you to donate immediately.

Support a cause today!

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