The Benefits of Circus Arts/ Aerial Arts and Acrobatics to Overall Health


Acrobatics is a risky sport that demands a high level of ability, agility, and body synchronization. It may be done in the form of competition at times. It’s a sport that emphasizes poise, strength, and flexibility. Its dynamic routine is also a distinguishing feature. Another name for acrobatics is aerial work. You must continually practice and condition yourself to get skill in this sports activity. Circus is also one of the oldest arts prevalent and is existent in five main disciplines; acrobatics, aerials, clowning, equilibristic, and object manipulation. Performers join a circus school to learn most of these skills. Studies indicate various health benefits that one could get from circus arts. 

Listed below are some of the health benefits you gain from circus arts

  • Weight management

Aerial exercises, acrobatics, and crucial arts are major contributors to weight management. Although these aerial exercises appear to be graceful and effortless, the physical effort that goes into them – as anybody who has attempted them will attest – means that they are not only wonderful for toning muscles but also for allowing substantial energy expenditure. You should expect to burn between 300 and 400 calories per hour when participating in these activities. With more expertise and increased exercise intensity, even higher energy expenditures can be attained. Not only that, but the additional muscle mass that comes with their regular engagement raises metabolic rate, resulting in more calories being burned even while they are at rest. As a result, aerial silks, aerial yoga, and the trapeze are excellent forms of exercise for assisting weight reduction or preventing weight gain.

  • They boost mental health

Exercise has been shown to improve mental health, and aerial activities can bring advantages above and beyond those provided by more typical exercise. Yoga is widely renowned for its propensity to induce emotions of peace, and its aerial version is no exception. In part, calmness comes from yoga because of breathing exercises, meditation, and muscle relaxation. Still, it also comes from the chemical changes it causes in the body: levels of the stress hormones epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine fall, while levels of the sleep-inducing hormone oxytocin rise, all of which encourage feelings of relaxation. Aerial silks offer relaxation in the same manner as aerial yoga does. However, both of these aerial sports are considered to improve mood by increasing oxygen flow to the brain (due to deep breathing), which enhances emotions of well-being. Meanwhile, flying through the air on the trapeze may give you a sensation of freedom, which can be calming for some and an adrenaline rush for others. Aerial silks and trapeze may also enhance self-esteem since they require you to trust yourself while working at a height and mastering these abilities gives you a true sense of accomplishment.

  • Promotes physical health

Circus arts highly contribute to physical fitness and health. For instance, equilibristics Exercises the vestibular system and promotes postural control and spatial awareness. Also, object manipulation helps in Fine motor abilities, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, midline crossing, bimanual dexterity, grasp/reach, fine motor skills. Therefore, circus arts and other kinds of gymnastics are very important to promote the overall health of individuals.