The common element to card tricks and poker cheating


Card tricks or poker both have one thing I common. Both are nothing but cheats. Now to some it may hurt to know that even magicians are nothing but users of Chet cards and marked cards. The concept of marked cards is fairly simple. Marked cards are nothing but cards with special marks in then which is only known to the buyer and player who is using it. There are different types of marked cards out there. The basic three types include the cut type. Here the back of the card is etched with a high-quality craft knife. The second basic one is print one. Here the back of the card has some special type of prints. The last one is the block type. Here the back of the card posses some unique pattern.

The problem and solution to marked cards

The problem with the basic marked card is that people who notice details of the back of the card can catch the difference. It is why the poker cheating device manufacturers have come up with new invisible ink marked cards. These cards are marked by invisible ink which is not visible to naked eye rather the cards and their marks are visible to specialized analyzers. Here, in this case, you can only see the invisible marking with infrared contact lenses or infrared goggles. These Google’s and infrared lenses are decided in such a way that you can very easily spot the marks bit no one else can.

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